Apple goes back to basics with its updated iPhone SE


It might feel as though everything is off-kilter at present but it turns out nothing will stop Apple from announcing new hardware. Nothing at all. We kinda saw this one coming though — rumours earlier this month about a revamped iPhone SE have been confirmed by an official announcement. And, turns out, the rumours were rather spot on.

Size matters

The new iPhone SE may look a little familiar but that’s to be expected. It uses the same design as Apple’s previous generation of smartphones — notably the iPhone 8 handset, which this phone is replacing in the line-up. But Apple’s staying small. The handsets will only feature 4.7in screens, available in HD Retina LCD.

While the design may be a throwback, the phone itself… isn’t. It’s toting one of Apple’s A13 Bionic processors, so it’s got the same smarts as the iPhone 11, and the phone’s glass back supports Qi wireless charging. It’s waterproof (rated IP67) and there will be 64GB, 128GB and 256GB options available. As per the rumours, the phone launches in Black, White and Product [RED] shades.

Ts & Cs

The only real concession? And we don’t reckon it’s much of one, knowing Apple: there’s a lone 12MP camera sensor on the back but it shoots video up to 4K and there’s doubtless a load of software trickery in there as well.

Pricing for South Africa isn’t known yet — the iPhone SE has only been confirmed for the States and the European region so far. Speaking of which, pre-orders open in those countries from this Friday, with the first phones shipping from 24 April.

Assuming you’re in the UK the handset will start at about R9,900 (£419), making it almost reasonable by Apple standards. Hopefully, the price isn’t much higher when it eventually lands in South Africa. We reckon Apple may sell more than a few of these here this year.


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