Netflorist will now be delivering groceries during lockdown


While the service is mostly known for delivering flower bouquets and gift packs, considering that model of business isn’t exactly classified as essential, groceries will have to suffice in place of roses and chocolates for Netflorist.

Netflorist may not exactly have had the best track record of late. The company has been running for a couple of decades now but that hasn’t stopped them from overcharging for a good amount of their products. Yet it seems even the most expensive of roses isn’t enough to satiate those stuck at home. Look, rose petals can be great as a garnish but they’re not really filling, you know? To accommodate for this sudden change in the market, Netflorist has announced that they will now be prioritising the delivery of essential goods during the national lockdown.

The list of goods that the service will deliver during the remainder of the lockdown includes, “fresh fruits, vegetables, teas, coffee, baby products, pantry and refrigerator essentials amongst other items available on-site.” All other non-essential items such as “flowers, alcohol hampers (and) personalised items” can still be ordered but will only be shipped from 17 April, a day after the lockdown lifts.

“Within 36 hours, NetFlorist introduced a fresh produce delivery service in partnership with
Fruitspot and our consumers responded well to the range. The fresh produce delivery service is
available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town,” said Thalissa Pillay, Marketing
Manager at NetFlorist.

While it’s becoming easier to find some sort of an outlet that’s happy to deliver your groceries, that doesn’t mean actually receiving them is a simple process. Many stores have deliveries booked all the way through to the end of April, so the fact that there’s now another option should hopefully clear up the schedules a little.

If you want some tips on shopping while practising social distancing, check out our latest digital issue right here. We go in-depth on the stores that offer it and what to expect from the process.


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  1. the worst customer service i have ever experienced and i have experienced some bad ones. their delivery ended up being a nightmare for my wife and kids. they refused to allow me to speak to someone in management to try and figure out what happened. stay away from this company.

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