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Let the lockdown issue commence.

Lonely, lonely, lonely humans of South Africa, hear this. Following the announcement of Pres Cyril Ramaphosa, the country went into an unprecedented state of self-isolation. This has caused major delays in our print production schedule. While we have a stunning load shedding survival guide issue stuck in its own isolation at the printers, we decided to knock out the self-isolation guide: A wholly digital edition of your favourite tech magazine. 

Our new digital-only edition of Stuff will be available for digital download across a few platforms, but most importantly, you can get one right now for just R20 here on Stuff’s website. R20 for a copy of Stuff Magazine? Yeah, we know you need reading material in these lonely times. Get yourself to our online shop and buy your copy now!

You know we do tech, but we also do guides on how to improve your tech life. In this issue, we look at all the tech you’ll need to keep your at-home work setup stellar. Who said you need to drive to an office to get good coffee? There are a few essential gadgets you’ll need to make working in your PJs an experience, unlike anything a remote office can offer you. Check out our Working in your PJs feature and stock up on the best additions to your home office.  

Running out of toilet paper? We hope so, because that’ll mean you weren’t the ones who panic bought all the white gold before lockdown… Lucky for you, the paradigm of shopping has shifted. Even though South Africa was slow to pick up eCommerce, we’re now being forced to turn to online shopping to survive. In our Social Distance Shopping feature, we detail the best ways to shop online and stay safe, while considering the best platforms to check out.

In addition to the lockdown-specific features, we also give you some top-notch Stuff tech reviews. In the enclosed Best Not In Show feature, we have a look at all the devices we wanted to see at the cancelled MWC Barcelona trade show. We have a more detailed review of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 devices, the Sony Xperia 1 II and the Honor View 30 Pro. Just because you can’t go to MWC, doesn’t mean we can’t show you the cool stuff. 

We are indeed living in the strangest of times, but thanks to the internet, and digital tech, we can continue a semi-normal life in isolation. Time travel back thirty years and people would laugh at the thought of the way we’re living now. Reading magazines on a screen? You’re mad. Well, maybe we’re mad, but this digital-only edition of Stuff may be a small preview of what magazines will be in the near future. So get your hands on this one — it’s a keeper.


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