How to watch Netflix with your mates, even if you’re not in the same room


Who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ Netflix Party? There are so many excellent (and not so excellent) films and series on Netflix that it would be a shame if you just watched them by yourself. You really need to share that kind of entertainment with your buds/significant other/family members you’d rather be in the same room with.

Odds are, you’re more likely to not be sharing a TV with anyone else in these days of self-isolation and quarantine. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share the joys of Netflix! We’re going to help you set up a Netflix party online so that you and everyone you’re not allowed to see in person can still enjoy the recently added Sam Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy together.

Blazing Chrome

Look, setting up an online Netflix party will require some third party help. It’s not strictly a service that Netflix offers, so you’ll have to implement some workarounds. Don’t worry, the process is still super easy! First of all, you and your buds will need Google Chrome as a web browser, which you probably all have anyway.

Once Chrome is installed, you’ll need to install a specific extension. Netflix Party, which you can download right here, is safe and simple to install. You’ll need the extension to successfully sync up your Netflix streams and add a chat overlay, otherwise what’s the point in watching together?

Host with the most

Once everyone has Netflix Party added to Chrome, you’ll need to choose what to watch. Whether you settle on something exciting like Castlevania Season 3 or something soul-crushingly depressing (yet still phenomenal in every way) like Bojack Horseman, you’ll need to load up the episode before clicking on the extension, which has turned red now that it’s accessible.

Clicking this icon will give you options on who can control the video. Since you’re the host, go ahead and select “Only I have control”, meaning you’ll be able to stop and start the video for everyone else. You basically have the remote for the TV you’re all watching on. You’ll also be provided a link which you can send out to all the friends you want to watch with. They’ll need to be signed into Netflix, obviously, but once they have that link they’re good to join you! The videos will be synced to the host and everything is ready for a remote Netflix party!

A light sprinkle of banter

If you feel the need to talk over the action, and if your friends are totally okay with your string of interruptions, there’s even a chat bar that lets you communicate via instant message. Maybe you actually want your mates to hear your voice? Sign up for Discord and set up a server so everyone can hang out and actually chat. Discord won’t consume your bandwidth too badly and provides the next best alternative to sitting on a couch and spoiling all the action by loudly crunching on chips. What would a Netflix party be without that one muppet?


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