Suunto launches the Suunto 7, aimed at city slickers who like to take on a hill by foot


Ready your running pants, because the Finnish outdoor tech brand Suunto, announced the latest in its lineup of fitness trackers. Only this time, it doubles as a full-fledged smartwatch that runs on Wear OS by Google.

The Suunto 7 is the company’s first Wear OS-powered device, which takes the sports-focused watch we’re used to from the brand, and bring some Google-smarts to the party. This gives the wearer instant access to full onboard maps and routing, music streaming services, and even contactless payments using G Pay. Unfortunately, though, G Pay isn’t available in South Africa yet.

It’s clear that this is still a wearable for hardcore fitness freaks, featuring more than 70 sport modes from running and cycling to skiing and yoga. If you like to move in strenuous ways, the Suunto 7 probably has a mode for it. It’s also got downloadable maps, which is ideal for runners or hikers — that keep you on route without the need for a mobile connection.

Suunto is punting a very long battery life for this one, even though the max expected life on a charge is just 48 hours. It’s a bulky device, so we’d expect a bit more time on a charge, especially considering teeny Fitbit Versa’s can go a week on a charge. Battery life is also shortened dramatically when you decide to use active GPS tracking, so beware, trail runners.

But we’ll play with this one for a while and let you know exactly what we think about it, but honestly — it’s one of the most stylish smartwatches we’ve seen so far. No joke. These will retail for R8,000 locally.


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