Drop everything and download: Astro Golf


When you think of someone playing ‘sport’ with extraterrestrial bodies, it’s usually a colossal alien potting them into black holes, like Ernie Els crossed with Galactus. 

But Astro Golf is far more sedate, as you smack a ball between planets in a single-screen solar system that whirls off to somewhere new when you complete a hole. With its minimalist vibe, drag-based controls and endless nature, there’s more than a hint of mobile classic Desert Golfing about this title. But it differentiates itself through endearingly weird gravity-aided ball-smackage (slingshots aplenty!) and an entertainingly tricky ‘hard’ mode that forces you to get a hole in one in order to progress – every single time.

Also, you don’t need to be particularly sporty to enjoy this title, believe us. Astro Golf is available to download on Android, as well as iOS for free, and both offer in-app purchases. 


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