Nemesis returns in 2020 with a re-imagined Resident Evil 3


We were expecting, back in 2015 with the announcement of the Resident Evil 2 remake, that Resident Evil 3 (the best Resident Evil) would be on the list of coming titles soon enough. Well, guess what? That four year old blind guess was on the ball.

S.T.A.R.S. in his eyes

Following all sorts of rumours last week, Capcom has made our dreams/nightmares come true by confirming that Resi 3 will be hitting consoles (the PS4 and the Xbox One)  as well as PCs from 3 April next year.

The publisher did this via the Resident Evil Twitter account (see above), also dropping the first bit of gameplay for the title. It looks, as Resi 2 did before it, gruesomely terrifying. This time around will see players roaming Racoon City as protagonist Jill Valentine as she attempts to survive the city, as well as Umbrella’s Nemesis project.

Those who played the PSOne original will know that Nemesis wasn’t an enemy you could just toe-to-toe with. Usually you’d turn and nope the hell out of whichever area you were in on hearing his guttural “S.T.A.R.S!”. Or you could just kill him with a knife, we guess. The gameplay available so far makes our ‘RUN AWAY!’ tactic seem like a viable option.

Also in the video are the mercenaries from Resident Evil 3‘s Mercenaries unlockable extra. They appear to have a larger role in the story this time around — though we’re hoping a timed run with Racoon City post-credits will also be on the cards.

Source: Capcom/Resident Evil (Twitter)


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