Resident Evil 2 to be given a fresh coat of blood with new HD remaster


Let’s do this quick, before more zombies get here. Capcom have, after a whole lot of pressure from fans, finally announced that they will be doing an HD remaster of what many consider the best Resident Evil of all time – Resident Evil 2.

Those who grew up during gaming’s formative years, when the PlayStation was really popularising home consoles and shifting its appeal to the mainstream, are likely to be familiar with the pants-wetting sound of a zombified dog crashing through a glass window. Resident Evil, back in the day, was a very different beast to the game series that we have today.

The first Resident Evil, that of the mansion and the terrifying door load-screens, recently underwent a well-received HD update so it makes sense that Capcom would give in to fan demand on its sequel . But we wouldn’t get too excited yet, as development for the update is still in the early stages. There’s no footage so far and none expected for a little while at least but our visually polished terror-trip around Racoon City is on the way at long last.

With Capcom being so keen on their remakes, don’t be too surprised if there’s an announcement in the near future for Resident Evil 3 as well. We could do with another bout with Nemesis. It’s been too long since the last time we hit him in the head with a Freeze Round. As for Resi 2, there’s no timeline for it but it’s almost time for the game’s 20th anniversary (in 2018). It’s doubtful that Capcom will hold over the game for that long but it’s our best guess for now.

Source: Capcom (YouTube)


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