This is why you want one of Elon Musk’s new Cybertrucks


It might have lines taken from a 2000-era video game (probably this one — which is still amazing, just by the way) but that’ll make a certain type of person want it even more. But look under the skin of Elon Musk’s new Cybertruck and you’ll find plenty (more) to like about it.

Back from the future

There are no two ways about it — Elon’s latest looks like it comes from the future. The future of Deus Ex, Blade Runner, heck, even Total Recall or Demolition Man. Elon claims it’s the “official truck of Mars”, which… he hasn’t been proved wrong about that yet, has he?

On spec

But what does it do, besides look like it was teleported from a future we used to see in films? It tows things and carries things, with Musk claiming it’ll drag a 6-tonne vehicle behind it without issues. Whether that’s with or without the one-and-a-half tonne payload is left up to the imagination. It’ll have three ranges (320km, 480km or a bonkers 800km), depending on which model you opt for, and apparently it’ll make a Porsche 911 sulk when it comes to top speed.

And the price? It’ll start at $40,000 (R590,000) and top out at $70,000 (just over R1mil) for the max range version. Oh, yeah, and Elon wants the Cybertruck to be bulletproof. Because it should handle a Mars trip just fine then, yeah?

Want one? You’ll have to wait until after 2021, which is when the Cybertruck goes into production. And you’ll likely have to wait even longer if you’re a) slow ordering one and b) South African. Because Tesla vehicles are a little hard to come by in this country at the moment. Hopefully, that’ll change in the future because… it looks like the future is here, guys.


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