South Africa’s BST reveals the most sci-fi electric motorbike we’ve seen this year


Step aside, Tron and Akira bikes, because Blackstone Tek (BST), a South African carbon fibre wheel manufacturer has developed the most sci-fi electric motorbike ever. 

The company is based right here in Randburg, and are world-renowned for its carbon fibre motorbike and car wheels. So it was just a natural progression to delve into bikes. Electric? Even better. Just. look. At. It. 

Lighter than air

When the BST founder, Gary Turner, decided he wanted to build an electric bike, he enlisted fellow South African designer Pierre Terblanche. Now, Terblanche has quite the portfolio when it comes to motorcycle designs. He has designed two-wheelers like the Ducati 749, 888, 999 and Hypermotard and the Confederate X132 Hellcat Speedster.

The result of the collaboration is the HyperTek, which is completely made out of carbon fibre and will only weigh ~200kg. It looks like this is still a concept, which was revealed at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan recently. The designers plan to build it all by hand and it will roll out a limited number of this bespoke bike. Because it’s more art than function, really. Especially at a price of $80,000 apiece…

Mind-numbingly fast

Down to the important details. The HyperTek is powered by a DHX Hawk motor which is water-cooled (apparently the cooling systems are hyper-advanced, and you can get more info about it here). It produces 80 kW and a hair-raising 120 Nm of instantaneous torque — which means instant power/speeds that’ll make us require clean pants after a spin on this thing. All this is obviously powered by a battery — a 4.75 kWh battery at that. 

BST claims that you’ll be able to top up the battery in just 30 minutes on a fast charger — after which you’ll get a 300km range. That’s more than the BMW i3 without a range extender. The bike also has no cockpit — you’ll need to use a helmet with a built-in heads-up display called the Cross X1 helmet. 

We’ve reached out to the designers to see if we can get a peek at the concept. It looks like we’ll get a chance to check out the HyperTek once it arrives back in South Africa. So stay tuned. 

Source: BikeExif


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  1. Alexis Gino Ballan on

    Clearly one of the best designers in the world ! Its beautiful. Well done Mr Terblanche your designs blow my mind without fail everytime.

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