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Here are your iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Watch 2 prices: mid-October is coming

Here are your iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Watch 2  prices: mid-October is coming

It’s the moment you’ve all a whole bunch of you have been waiting for: local pricing for Apple’s new devices. We’ve just received pricing for the Apple iPhone , iPhone 7 Plus, and the Apple Watch 2, as well as launch dates for South Africa. Time to set your alarm and, possibly, forget to pay your rent.

First things first — you have until 14 October to raise the cash for a new iPhone 7. That’s when it’ll be landing, according to Core Group. Core has also given us full pricing, though they’ve pointed out that some models might be in short supply at launch.

For a 32GB iPhone 7, you can expect to pay R13,000. That’s the lowest price you’re going to see here so you can start weeping a little bit now. The 128GB model ups the cost to R15,000 and splurging for the 256GB iPhone 7 will set you back R17,000. Expensive enough for you? No? Well, the various operators might have a markup on these costs — they haven’t shared their cash prices just yet.

The iPhone 7 Plus will be even more costly, with the 32GB version starting at R15,500. Your 128GB model will be R17,500 and the 256GB version has absolutely zero chill, coming in at R19,500.

You can pre-order them from iStore… right… about…. now.

apple-watch-2Apple’s Watch 2 prices, as well as the Apple Series 1 update costs, have also been revealed. An Apple Watch Series 2 38mm (Aluminium) will start at R6,900 — making this the lowest price on this page. But it’s not an iPhone, so it doesn’t count. So there.

A Series 2 (Aluminium) 42mm will start at R7,500. The Stainless Steel Series 2 starts at R10,000 (38mm) and R11,000 (42mm). The Apple Watch Edition, those lovely ceramic watches, start at R23,000 for the 38mm and R24,000 for the 42mm.

The Series 1 updates begin at R5,000 for the 38mm and R6,000 for the 42mm.

These will also be available from 14 October and you can head to iStore to pre-order in the meantime. Off you go. 

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  1. Holy cow! That is insane pricing. So essentially the 799 pound iphone 7 256gb equates to around R14,500 in the UK Apple store. This is already crazy expensive and that’s the retail price. Would Istore like to explain how they justify another R2,500 or 17% above that? I mean I understand its further to ship here and there may or may not be import duties to pay. It does seem excessive.

    This may might just be the final straw that pushes me out of the apple eco system.

  2. I am disappointed that apple has taken away the sapphire glass on the camera lens and the home button on the iPhone 7

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