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Viu, South Africa’s newest streaming video service, is now live

South African TV viewers have a new video-on-demand to try called Viu. The service launches today and includes a catalogue of SABC and eTV content, along with a selection of 'Viu originals'. Users can try the service free for 30 days and can access it using a web browser, or via dedicated apps for Android and iOS.

Video streaming service, Viu, has partnered with the SABC to bring you local content

Video-streaming service Viu is officially entering the South African market and has partnered with the SABC to license local content.

What can you watch (for free) on DStv Now

DStv Now is Multichoice’s answer to the new video-on-demand format that has become increasingly popular in recent years. DStv’s online platform gives users streaming access to movies and series according to their current DStv package. Many people are downgrading their DStv packages as they simply cannot afford the premium option anymore. It’s hardly a substitute but what if we told you that ...[Read More]

How to get connected to Showmax (whether you’re a DStv subscriber or not)

We all have questions, from the inane (“Who am I?”) to the profound (“What is bark made out of on a tree?”) to the mind-blowing (“But why male models?”). And we shouldn’t fear those questions, unless we were instrumental in inventing the piano-key necktie. Questions are good. Questions allow us to learn and hopefully absorb new information, becoming better – or at least smarter – than we used to b...[Read More]

Netflix gives its profile icons a fresh look

Streaming service Netflix launched five years ago with a very specific set of profile icons, and have decided to update them. At long last. The new options include characters from their own shows, because who doesn’t want the best single mom in TV, Steve from Stranger Things, as their calling card? Netflix hasn’t entirely abandoned its old icons. You can still be a masked superhero lady or a frown...[Read More]

The 21 best documentaries on Netflix

Why not skip the period dramas and cooking shows and stream some knowledge into your eyeballs this evening? A solid documentary film or series can be as entertaining and gripping as any piece of big budget celluloid fiction – and there’s the added bonus of it actually flexin’ those brain muscles with a few facts (some useful, others less so). Netflix is absolutely stacked with documentaries, some ...[Read More]

Netflix launches new interface for smart TVs

Netflix is (almost) essential in a modern, connected society, and the platform-slash-interface plays an integral role in a user’s experience. Nothing’s more annoying than accidentally tapping the ‘Back’ button on a TV remote and being redirected back to the top of the app. Cue the sigh of annoyance at having to type ‘Breaking Bad’  into the search bar all over again with your remote control. You c...[Read More]

Cell C enters the streaming market with Black

Mobile operator Cell C has announced a video streaming service called Black that will go live in South Africa on 14 November. In addition to on-demand video content, the platform will include live TV streaming and additional services like the ability to bet on sporting events via the company’s affiliation with online betting service ClickaBet, and the option to make hotel reservations. Cell ...[Read More]

ShowMax adds support for DStv’s Explora decoder

Naspers-owned video-streaming service ShowMax, and Stuff’s winner of App of the Year for 2015, has announced that it’s added support for DStv’s Explora decoder to the list of devices that support the service. DStv, of course, is another Naspers business, although the two operate as distinct business entities. The Explora support follows the recent addition of support for the late...[Read More]

ShowMax and MWeb are teaming up. Let the streaming wars begin

The streaming wars have begun in earnest. Hurray! First ShowMax and Telkom slipped between the covers together to offer subscribers to Telkom’s Summer Unlimited packages zero-rated data for streaming. Then Netflix showed up in South Africa with little to no warning. And now ShowMax, the Naspers-owned video streaming service, has teamed up with another company in the Naspers stable — in...[Read More]

Naspers’ ShowMax streaming video service is a go for R99/month

Got a decent internet connection? Don’t want to jump through hoops to get around Netflix’s region restrictions? Tired of rolling the dice with torrents? Disappointed by Altech’s Node and the VIDI streaming service? Then Naspers is hoping you’ll consider spending R99/month on its new video-on-demand streaming service, ShowMax, that launches in South Africa today. Unveiled at...[Read More]

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