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This is the worst timeline: Samsung’s got a vertical TV, called the Sero, on the way

Okay, okay, we're totally having a go at Samsung here. The Korean company has a new TV on the way, called the Sero. It's not quite as apocalyptic as we're making out, either. It's just got one little feature that, honestly, makes it stand out. Or up.

How to: Edit vertical video for IGTV (or Snapchat, or Instagram Stories)

Instagram is famous for adding new features every few months, but this time around its gone really big… and upright. The world’s favourite memories-and-photo-sharing app — seriously it now has over 1 billion active monthly users — now allows long-format video via a built-in sister app called IGTV. Any Instagram user can create an IGTV channel of their own and upload videos ...[Read More]

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