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Uber’s vision of “urban air mobility” tempered by a lack of profitability and driver issues

Despite all the advances of technology and transportation, what hasn't transformed is the amount of time it takes the average person to get to work, says Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber. Access to a city's centre is a greater success factor than education, he told the Uber Elevate conference in Washington last week. "It Is the key to success in society."

More pics of Uber Air’s proposed sky taxis

We managed to get a peak at more shots of Uber Air's reference design, so we've plonked them below for your ogling pleasure.

Uber in the air: flying taxi trials may lead to passenger service by 2023

Uber Air will start test flights of its aerial taxi service in 2020, and move to commercial operations by 2023, the ABC reported. Melbourne, Dallas and Los Angeles have been named as three test cities for the trial.

Take a look at some of the concepts for Uber Air Skyports

If you were paying attention at any point in the past 24 hours, you'll have noticed that Uber has announced something... new. That is, the first of its Uber Air vehicles, which will do just what your standard Uber will. More or less. Only, this time, you'll be flying. As opposed to how you often feel when in an Uber at 4AM on a weekend. 

This is what your first Uber Air taxi will look like

Uber Air sees the ride-hailing company taking to the skies and hoping to trim commute times, albeit for a price.

Is it a drone? Is it a plane? No, it’s an Uber-craft!

Uber has a bold vision for the future of urban transport. By 2023 the ride-sharing startup aims to make small aircraft rides, with vertical takeoff and landing, an affordable option for daily commuters — allowing for something like Joburg to Pretoria in 15-odd minutes. With no traffic? We’re in! The company has revealed a new concept  of their so-called “aerial taxi” at the...[Read More]

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