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You can finally stream sport on Showmax

If you were waiting for a good enough reason to ditch DStv, now’s your chance. Showmax has officially started showing local and international sport matches.

Video streaming service, Viu, has partnered with the SABC to bring you local content

Video-streaming service Viu is officially entering the South African market and has partnered with the SABC to license local content.

First South African Netflix Original called Queen Sono planned for 2019

Just a week after Netflix vowed to invest in African content, they’ve announced they’re funding a proudly South African series starring Pearl Thusi called Queen Sono. This will be the first Netflix Original show made in South Africa, by South Africans. For this one they’re collaborating with two stars from local film Catching Feelings, Pearl Thusi and Kagiso Ledge, with Lediga also occupying...[Read More]

The Girl from St. Agnes: What we know about Showmax’s second original show

The ‘youngsters’ in the TV business are giving big-money Hollywood producers a run for their money these days. Who can imagine entertainment from 2016 onwards without Netflix Originals? Or a world without Amazon Prime Video’s American Gods? Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming services are opting to create their own content, and sources close to home are following suit. Showmax is working on their seco...[Read More]

Jaguar’s rolling out 82 EV charging stations around South Africa by the end of November

For many consumers, range anxiety remains the key reason they’re reluctant to commit to an electric vehicle (EV). Jaguar’s been undertaking various initiatives to alleviate these concerns, including a recent publicity event that saw an I-Pace driven from London to Brussels on a single charge. And now it’s announced it’s building 82 public charging stations for EVs across So...[Read More]

Local fighting game Boet Fighter looks very schweet, okes

Earlier this year, local game developer Robot Wizard attempted to crowdfund a point-and-click style game called Jengo… and failed. Now they’re back, collaborating with New Reality and local personality Hard Eddy with more muscles, bad tattoos, and plenty of ‘faaghting’ with a game called Boet Fighter. It looks as fun as it does ridic, and it’s so South African it makes us b...[Read More]

Call-a-superhero feature to be added to Taxify

South Africans are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and staying safe is of utmost importance — especially in high-risk cities (like Stuff‘s own front lawn that is Johannesburg). Taxify, with the help of emergency assistance app Namola, is rolling out a new safety feature for Taxify drivers and users. The app will now launch an emergency button that, if pressed, connects at-ri...[Read More]

Internet freedom: why access is becoming a human right

When most people think or speak about internet freedom, they are often concerned with the right, for example, to say what you want online without censorship and without being subject to the chilling effects of surveillance. These kind of freedoms are sometimes called “negative freedoms” or “freedoms from…”. They address the right not to be interfered with or obstructed in living your life. But the...[Read More]

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