Here’s where to find up-to-date local COVID-19 case information


Since that first case landed in South Africa (quite literally) it has been endless waves of numbers being thrown at us. Fifty cases, fifty-four cases — in no time it was in the thousands of positive COVID-19 cases. But what we all actually want to know is, how many people around me are infected?

Which is why a team of local developers from Entelect decided to develop a web application designed to show the latest figures, including active cases, recovered cases and deaths. The application displays world data, with stats for all the countries affected as well as more localised info. 

Using the application, users can see exactly how many people are infected in each province and how many confirmed deaths are recorded. The developers are currently working to include the total recovered from COVID-19 in each province in South Africa. A nifty timeline graph also shows the development of the virus in our country, which clearly shows how we are managing to flatten that darned curve. 

To access the web application, simply head to and check out the features. It’s nice to have updated information tailored for our country instead of sifting through confusing data that may be out of date.


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