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Samsung Pay has arrived for Samsung wearables

Samsung has announced that Samsung Pay, its mobile payments solution that launched with Standard Bank and Absa earlier this year, is now available on the company’s recent wearable devices, specifically, the Gear Sport, Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch. The Korean electronics giant has confirmed the service will be coming to five more banks in 2019, including the recently announced Discovery Bank due...[Read More]

How Samsung Pay wants to replace your wallet

From drawing cash, to swipe, insert chip, and now tap-to-pay mechanisms — transacting in stores has evolved with the needs of humans. Now physical, plastic cards might become obsolete thanks to digital channels like Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is the company’s digital payment platform, and aims to replace the wallet completely. How? By loading bank cards, as well as loyalty cards, into the Sams...[Read More]

Standard Bank announces Samsung Pay integration and new ‘virtual cards’

It’s been a mad week for new payments solutions. We’ve seen Absa roll out a Samsung Pay beta, and FNB launch Fitbit and Garmin Pay, and now Standard Bank has joined the party by announcing new virtual cards to make it easier for anyone to shop online, even if they don’t have a credit card. The bank has also announced that, like Absa, it’ll soon be supporting Samsung Pay. &#...[Read More]

Pay with your Fitbit or Garmin wearable with FNB

South Africans will soon have a range of new mobile payment methods to choose from. Earlier this week Absa announced integration with Samsung Pay (with Standard Bank expected to do likewise any day now), and today FNB announced support for Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay that will work with any contactless enabled point-of-sale device. Apple Pay, where you at? Now anyone with compatible Fitbit and Garmi...[Read More]

Samsung Pay trial beta launches with Absa today

Electronics giant Samsung has been threatening to launch its mobile payment solution, Samsung Pay, in South Africa for a few years now. Every time we’ve asked we’ve been told the hold up is with the banks… but today when we asked execs at the launch of its new QLED TVs, they confirmed a beta trial of the service is launching with Absa today, with additional banks expected to join...[Read More]

Apple and Samsung have theirs – Is the world ready for LG G Pay?

The nature of technology and South Africa is that we can hear the second or third versions of an innovation before we see it being natively supported in SA. That’s the case with the current rumour, which claims that tech-maker LG will be following in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung’s mobile payment systems. The system will reportedly be called LG G Pay, based on trademark applicatio...[Read More]

Samsung Unpacked 2015: The story’s in the software

Korean electronics giant Samsung today unveiled the latest iteration of its phablet-with-a-stylus handset, the Galaxy Note 5 and the enlarged version of it’s S6 Edge device, the S6 Edge+, at a flashy event in New York City’s Lincoln Centre. That’s another point to the rumour mill, which was (as we’ve come to expect) spot on in its predictions. But today’s announcement...[Read More]

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