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Clash of the Kindles: which one should you buy?

E-readers used to be the simple, beans-on-toast comfort food of the gadget world. That’s all changed. Amazon makes a whopping four different Kindles, all with proper e-reader screens you can gaze at for hours without getting a headache. They can all store thousands of books, last for weeks off a charge and even the cheapest Kindle has a touchscreen these days. Look at the range and you can be left...[Read More]

Amazon has finally gone and made a waterproof Kindle: Meet the upgraded Oasis

Ask the Stuff team which piece of tech we are completely unable to live without and the answer in almost every case is the Amazon Kindle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the old stalwart with the physical buttons and WiFi only (we still have one of those), the newer Paperwhite models, the Voyage, or the high-end Oasis, they’re all well loved. But we might be tempted away from our ...[Read More]

Kindle Oasis won’t leave you high and dry, goes months between charges

If the thing you look forward to most on your holidays is reading by the pool, Amazon’s got the eBook reader for you. The Kindle Oasis is a completely new addition to the range, with a new look and a better screen than ever. Why Oasis, though? We’re guessing it’s because if Amazon made it any thinner, it would disappear like a mirage. Seriously, this thing is 30% thinner and 20% lighter than any o...[Read More]

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