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Sony shifts 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles, quicker than both the PS2 and Nintendo’s Wii

The Japanese company has reached a new milestone for the PlayStation 4. That is, selling 100 million consoles over its lifetime. In doing so, Sony's knocked aside both Nintendo's Wii and its own PlayStation 2 for the time taken to achieve this target.

1 billion users now call Google Photos home – at least when it comes to image storage

It’s official. Google Photos now has a billion users on the service, a milestone that took the image sharing-and-storage service a little more than four years to reach. The search giant first shared the information with FastCompany. Google Photos putting a billion users in the rear-view mirror makes it the ninth Google-owned service to do so. The others are (in no particular order): Gmail, G...[Read More]

WhatsApp hit a new milestone, adds 100 million active users since April

Well what do you know, Facebook-owned WhatsApp continues to pile on new users at an increasing rate. From 250 million users in July last year to the half-billion mark in April this year (a doubling of users in less than a year), the company seems on track to bump up their numbers by another 250 million soon enough. The newest milestone for the company is 600 million active monthly users, an increa...[Read More]

WhatsApp hits 500 million user milestone

When last we heard from WhatsApp regarding its user base, the chat app boasted 430 million users. Following its acquisition by Facebook for what is frankly a stupidly large amount of money, the popular app has increased its collection of users to the half-billion mark. WhatsApp made the milestone announcement via the company’s blog, citing growth in countries like India, Brazil, Mexico and R...[Read More]

Windows 8 passes 200 million licenses sold milestone

Microsoft hasn’t really been that conscientious about giving out statistics regarding sales of Windows 8. We heard when the company passed the 40 million barrier and six months after the operating system launched when 100 million copies of the OS were in circulation. Now, following more than a year on sale, Windows 8 has passed the 200 million copies sold milestone. Speaking at the Goldman S...[Read More]

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