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Apple expected to ditch the dodgy keyboard in future MacBook models

As brilliantly built and sturdy as Apple products are, we know that their keyboards have turned out to be sub-par. That'll change soon.

Float across the screen with a new Gboard update

Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, has added a few new features recently, the most useful of which, is the Floating Keyboard mode, that should make more than a few phablet-users happy. The changes aren’t massive, but should bring users on big phones at least some joy. Using a handle located at the bottom of the independent keyboard, it can be positioned anywhere your heart desires. On the phone screen...[Read More]

The Qwerty keyboard is one of those anachronisms of the mechanical age that lives on in the digital era

Why does the Qwerty keyboard have such a strange layout, I was recently asked. It’s one of those anachronisms of the mechanical age that lives on in the digital era. Back in the heyday of this new-fangled technology called typewriters in the 1870s, the race was on to make a new mechanical writing device. One of the biggest problems was that regularly-used keys would jam. These early typewriters us...[Read More]

Unfair advantage? PlayStation 4 is getting a mouse/keyboard controller combo

Your method of control is important in gaming, especially when you’re playing first-person shooters. Anyone can tell you that the PC’s mouse and keyboard offers a huge amount of control compared to a dual analogue stick controller. We don’t care how good you think you are with an Xbox controller, a mouse will outshoot you every time. But console gamers might finally be getting th...[Read More]

Textblade’s compact keyboard realises efficiency is key

WayTools has created an extremely portable and efficient little smartphone/tablet keyboard. The Textblade folds into half the size of an iPhone 4, the perfect size to keep in your pocket. The Textblade unfolds into a QWERTY keyboard which is capable of linking to your device and keeping up with typing at full speed. The entire layout is divided into four keys per side, and a spacebar which has tou...[Read More]

Microsoft’s Android Wear keyboard lets you type on your smartwatch without going insane

Typing on a smartwatch – impossible. Impractical. Absolutely ridiculous. These thoughts all crossed our minds when we heard that Microsoft was working on an on-screen keyboard for Android Wear smartwatches. Until we watched a video of it in action. FINGERS AT THE READY Instead of a full QWERTY keyboard crammed with incredibly small, impossible-to-hit keys, Microsoft’s solution is far s...[Read More]

SwiftKey for Android is now available free-of-charge

If you’re thinking of adding a third-party keyboard to your Android smartphone, chances are that the first one that comes to mind is SwiftKey, one of the oldest and best-rated keyboard alternatives on Google’s Play Store. Now you have a chance to try it out for yourself, assuming you were uncertain about plonking down cash for a feature that ships with your phone by default. That’...[Read More]

Samsung has filed for a patent on an augmented reality keyboard

Samsung certainly has some strange ideas sometimes. One of their weirder ones can be found in a recent patent filing from the company, which was submitted in August 2013 and which has recently become public knowledge. Samsung wants to used your fingers as a keyboard. An augmented reality keyboard. The patent filing indicates that the AR keyboard might be a component of Samsung’s rumoured Goo...[Read More]

LG’s Optimus F3Q to feature keyboard, entry-level specs

LG has a new Optimus handset head to the American market. Normally something like the F3Q wouldn’t be worth the comment, especially since the handset isn’t confirmed for launch closer to home, but an image leaked to Twitter account @evleaks shows that this particular Optimus will be arriving with what looks to be a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The Optimus F3Q is due to launch on America&...[Read More]

BlackBerry will be sticking with the keyboard, for the most part

BlackBerry devices are known primarily by their QWERTY keyboards, which have reached the status of iconic. Seeing the keyboard is a sure sign that a user either has one of the Canadian smartphones or a knock-off based on their designs. And recent touchscreen devices from BlackBerry have made it seem like those keyboards would be going away but that’s something that BlackBerry won’t per...[Read More]

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