iPad keyboard with trackpad reportedly launching alongside next iPad Pro


Maybe you’re one of those folks that doesn’t want to get your grubby fingers all over the shiny, polished screen of your lovely new iPad? Then the addition of a keyboard and trackpad will no doubt help as it brings the functionality of a laptop to Apple’s range of tablets.

It’s a universal truth of technology that the soft pattering of fingers on glass is nowhere near as satisfying as the “clickity-clack” of an honest, hardworking keyboard. It’s one of the most glaringly irritating things about typing on a tablet because no matter how responsive the digital keyboard is it will never hold a candle to the satisfaction of actually clicking in a button. It’s a fact that Apple has clearly cottoned on to as new report coming out of The Information indicates the company might be developing a new keyboard for latest iPad Pro.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the new keyboard is the inclusion of a trackpad. While iPadOS does feature mouse support, Apple has yet to implement any kind of trackpad into the system. The mouse support is also incredibly irritating to use as it requires one to delve into accessibility settings and mess around with extensions. A standard, and accessible, trackpad would make the process a whole lot easier.

If the trackpad turns out to be a hit with iPad users, I could see a future were Apple doubles down on mouse support for the iPad. All it would take is a software update and the release of some very expensive mouses made specifically for the iPad, which I’m sure Apple wouldn’t be shy about selling.


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