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Light Start: Reverse wireless iPhones, Mr Stark is back, an iOS 13 exploit and no more BMW i3s

This week in light start: The new iPhones have a secret, Iron Man may return to the MCU in Phase 4, iOS 13 has a security bug and the plug pulled on i3.

It’s just a phase: Here’s how you should watch Marvel’s MCU Phase One through Three

You know how it is -- you've got time on your hands and a freshly-created love of binge-watching brought on by too much Netflix and Showmax. When you can burn through an entire season in less than a day, what constitutes a challenge? How about the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History™ -- Phases One through Three of Disney and Marvel's Marvel Cinematic Universe? All three phases have been comp...[Read More]

Forget Iron Man: skintight suits are the future of robotic exoskeletons

Children with a rare neurological disease were recently given the chance to walk for the first time thanks to a new robotic exoskeleton. These devices – which are essentially robotic suits that give artificial movement to a user’s limbs – are set to become an increasingly common way of helping people who’ve lost the use of their legs to walk. But while today’s exoskeletons are mostly clumsy, heavy...[Read More]

Meta AR wants to use glasses to give you Tony Stark’s UI

Augmented reality is getting closer by the day and company Meta Augmented Reality are hoping to give the world its first taste of really great AR by replicating Tony Stark’s user interface from the Iron Man films. Unlike the movies, they want to use their MetaPro augmented reality glasses to create a similar effect rather than giving us a straight-up holographic UI. And yes, this was directl...[Read More]

Intel announces Jarvis, a smart earpiece (that has nothing to do with Iron Man)

Yesterday at CES 2014 Intel announced their smart earpiece, the Jarvis, which is very much in keeping with their wearable tech theme for the trade show. The earpiece listens for voice commands and can then act as a personal assistant. It can even reply to your queries. You can also make appointments which will be cross-referenced on your calendar, set reminders and check messages. If it comes out ...[Read More]

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