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A new holographic headset, image sensor are evolving computers in this cloud computing era

The HoloLens is a powerful example of this, as multiple demonstrations of its capabilities showed. The original model was launched four years ago and was used by NASA for its Mars Rover mission. Because of the eight-minute delay in communications from earth to the red planet, controllers needed to map, plan and execute the path the rover would take, former NASA Administrator Charles Bolden told me...[Read More]

Light Start – Beating Samsung’s sensor, military Hololens, Starhopper, and Kollector

In this week's Light Start, we've got Samsung losing to a 3D printer, Microsoft's army Hololens, SpaceX's Starthopper, and MK 11's Kollector.

Microsoft teases HoloLens 2 ahead of Mobile World Congress 2019

VR, much like winter, is coming. One of the best things about it is that we're not really sure what form it's going to take. Microsoft's HoloLens is an implementation that we've been impressed with from the start, combining the best bits of a full-fat VR system with what Google Glass was supposed to be. And it looks like we're going to get a look at the sequel in short order. HoloLens 2 should be ...[Read More]

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a powerful Windows 10 device that shows what the future could look like

Last week I walked on Mars. Well, I walked on a pretty good, visually realistic version of Mars, using a fancy new technology called HoloLens, Microsoft’s big play into what it is calling mixed reality. This emerging technology is considered more than just augmented reality (AR), which overlays images or diagrams over our current view of the world, but not quite the immersive virtual reality (VR)....[Read More]

Star Trek’s Holodeck: from science fiction to a new reality

Many of the technological advances predicted in Star Trek’s fictional universe have become reality, such as the mobile communicator and hand-held tablet computers. Others, such as tractor beams and warp drives, are still a work in progress. But what of the Holodeck? The Holodeck first appeared in The Practical Joker, a 1974 episode of the Star Trek animated series. It was depicted as a recreation ...[Read More]

Augmented reality Portal is officially the best Portal

If you weren’t excited by the prospect of augmented reality gaming before then this rendition of Valve’s excellent puzzle game Portal, running in the real world, will cure you of that. Failing that, perhaps you’ve got a faulty excitement module installed. We’ll get GlaDOS to troubleshoot you later. The game, the creation of AR developer Kenny W, isn’t an officially sa...[Read More]

Light Start – The cost of LG TV, 16GB HDDs, Hololens sales figs, and Square’s Avengers project

LG’s newest crop of ultra-thin TVs will start at more than R110,000 If you’re lusting after LG’s newest W Series OLED TVs, those of the hyper-thin Signature lineup, then we hope you’ve been saving your pennies. The screens will start at $8,000 (R110,000) for the 65in version of the W Series while the 77in will set buyers back a whopping $20,000 (R270,000). Sure, this is Ame...[Read More]

HoloLens-powered Holoportation is the next best thing to being there

Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is probably still a ways out from reaching everyday consumers, but every new demo that the company unveils makes it look more and more magical. And this one really takes the cake. Holoportation is the latest advancement in HoloLens-related tech, and it effectively lets you teleport your image into 3D space for a HoloLens wearer to view. The capture rig turns your...[Read More]

Move over HoloLens – Intel’s working on an augmented reality headset too

In case you were worried there weren’t enough headsets coming out this year, there’s a new one to add to the list: Intel. The chip-maker’s headset won’t take on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR with virtual reality though. According to the Wall Street Journal, it’ll focus on augmented reality instead – meaning more competition for the Microsoft HoloLens. Intel’s already go...[Read More]

Light Start – Google’s first crash, electric skateboarding, the Centenario, and Hololens pre-orders

Google’s self-driving car has has its first accident, it’s still no big deal One of Google’s self-driving cars had its first accident earlier this month. On Valentine’s Day, to be specific. The collision? The converted Lexus ran into a bus. But when you put it like that, it sounds so… so… brutal. Google’s self-driving car, according to the accident report,...[Read More]

Light Start – Videos all round: VR Coke, droids, Hololens leak and Atlas bugged

The latest to get on board the cardboard virtual reality train is…. Coca Cola Packaging as a cardboard virtual reality headset? Sure, why not. Alcatel are already turning their smartphone boxes into VR headsets, after all. Coke has a few cool ideas as well – three, to be specific, using the cardboard packaging from several of their products – which we sadly don’t see much o...[Read More]

Light Start – The No-Phones Edition

Wondering if your PC hardware has what it takes to support VR? Valve has the answer for you So you’re not afraid of the pricing for various virtual reality headset. You’re looking at grabbing yourself one of HTC’s Vive units, perhaps? Then you’re going to need to see just how much extra hardware your PC is going to need in order to keep up. Thankfully, if you’ve been ...[Read More]

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