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Details of the GoPro Hero5 have leaked

GoPro arguably make their devices too well but that hasn’t stopped them from coming up with new action cameras so we can have more awesome wingsuit videos to watch. The next in line is the GoPro Hero5 and now we’ve got some idea what the new camera might look like. Figuratively speaking, as there are no actual photographs just yet. This is thanks to a short video clip that has surfaced...[Read More]

Light Start – GoPro drone delay, NX cartridges, mobile Netflix, and Intel drone upgrades

GoPro’s having a tough year, and its also had to delay its drone to year-end You have to feel for GoPro, in a business sense. It reported its financial results for the past year and the news isn’t great. The company has continued its losses, posting a revenue loss of 49.5% according to The Verge. It’s also swung from a $22 million profit last year to a loss of $121 million. And, ...[Read More]

Sending a GoPro into space at Mach 5.5

What happens when you strap a GoPro Hero 4 to the side of a six-metre SL-10 rocket and launch it into space? If you’re lucky enough to get the multiple-separation shot that these guys did, you’re going to be coming back with some amazing footage. The launch itself is eye-opening, if nauseating because of just how much spin there is in UP Aerospace Inc.’s rocket as it climbs to it...[Read More]

Light Start – MacOS, Seat360, Sharp’s RoboHon, and GoPro everywhere

Apple’s OS X could become MacOS, and we’re okay with that What’s in a name, right? Er… potentially billions upon billions of whatever currency you favour, actually. That’s why Apple so jealously guards the iPhone moniker but there are hints that one of their other products, OS X, might be undergoing a stealth name-change. In the past few months Apple has released file...[Read More]

GoPro teams up with Periscope for easy extreme streaming

Now you don’t have to wait until you’re back at the ski lodge to brag about your skill on the slopes – GoPro just teamed up with Periscope for live video streaming. Anyone with a GoPro Hero4 will get the option to record and share their footage with their Periscope audience as soon as their pair the camera to an iPhone with the Periscope app installed. You’ll be able to toggle between the GoPro an...[Read More]

Light Start – UV stickers, 360 GoPro, a Hyperloop update, and the fate of John Snow

L’Oréal’s UV patch will indicate sunburn, won’t help much in cases of extreme insults There’s getting a burn and then there’s getting a burn. And while it might be devastating to have your friends or a random stranger completely destroy your self-confidence, sunburn tends to have much more lethal effects in large enough doses. Cosmetics company L’Oréal has come up with a wa...[Read More]

Drones: Novel today, common tomorrow

A new study from UK-based Juniper Research has found that the falling cost of drones, the increased number of players in the nascent drone market and a growing number of use cases are all aligning to ensure that drones, while still novel and relatively rare today, are likely to become commonplace and affordable sooner than you might think. Juniper expects drone sales to climb from less than four m...[Read More]

Light Start – Yamaha Sport Ride, GoPro drone, Nintendo mobile, a MacBook hub, and Facebook scams

Yamaha’s Sport Ride concept car is something we’d ride, endlessly Yamaha’s teaser last week for their Tokyo Motor Show reveal of a sports car based on the company’s motorcycles (weird, we know) was worth the wait. Visually, anyway, as the company has yet to say anything about the engine in the newly unveiled Sport Ride car concept. What we do know is that it’s super l...[Read More]

Shake to edit with TomTom’s Bandit action cam

Action cameras are becoming so commonplace that, if it’s high-quality video you’re after, you’re utterly spoilt for choice. How do you stand out in a market that’s dominated by GoPro and has myriad contenders chasing the (not-insignificant) scraps? If you’re TomTom, you shift the focus from hardware – which, seemingly, anyone can get right – to software. The TomTom Bandit’s 4K at 15fps, 1080...[Read More]

The GoPro Accessories Starter Pack Goes To…

We did tell you that this was on the way but would you listen…? Apparently you would, which is why we had so many entries for the GoPro Accessories Starter Pack that is going to a new home today. The starter pack, which is a case consisting of most of the additions you need to get your action photography on (minus the GoPro), is valued at R1,000 and comes to us courtesy of A-Tek. So let̵...[Read More]

Light Start – Radeon goes solo, DJI’s aerial cam, GoPro VR, Ultima Evolution, and Star Wars Land

AMD and Radeon part ways – in a manner of speaking Some industry news, and only applicable if you’re hoping to impress someone with your grasp of the finer details of Intel/AMD/Nvidia rivalry, is that AMD has announced places to turn their graphics division into a standalone called Radeon Technologies Group. Which, if you remember the great ATI/Nvidia wars of 2008 (those were the days)...[Read More]

Light Start – GoPro goes social, a manned drone, bodies better than Bluetooth and Instagram Direct grows up

Wearables could one day send data through our bodies instead of via BluetoothBluetooth may be the de facto way of getting wearables to communicate with other devices like our smartphones, but a team at the University of San Diego in California is testing a system that uses the human body’s natural magnetic field to transfer data instead. It works on the same principles as an MRI, but involve...[Read More]

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