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1 billion users now call Google Photos home – at least when it comes to image storage

It’s official. Google Photos now has a billion users on the service, a milestone that took the image sharing-and-storage service a little more than four years to reach. The search giant first shared the information with FastCompany. Google Photos putting a billion users in the rear-view mirror makes it the ninth Google-owned service to do so. The others are (in no particular order): Gmail, G...[Read More]

The coolest things to come out of Google IO this year

That’s a wrap! The Google IO keynote has concluded, and if you haven’t been following it, we’re here to give you a breakdown of the most intriguing announcements. They really could’ve called it the Google AI keynote this year, as most of the ingenious new developments Google is coming up with includes everyone’s fave new buzzwords — Artificial Intelligence. Android P and your wellbeing...[Read More]

How to: Switch from Apple to Samsung, or the other way around

Early each year we get new Samsung flagships, only to have Apple try to outdo them in the latter half of the year. Each company tries to leapfrog the other in terms of specifications and features in hopes not only of keeping the faithful, well, faithful but in the hopes of winning converts from the opposing camps. The main obstacle to switching from team Android to team iOS is the perceived hassle...[Read More]

As great as our smartphones are for taking pictures, you need a smart way to back them up

Nooo, my friend’s Facebook status cried. A stolen iPhone meant he had lost 10,000 treasured photographs. It’s a common problem of our smartphone era, where our mobiles have become the centre of our lives. With more powerful cameras, that let us instantly post to social media, they are also the device we use to take all our pictures. Those treasured pictures of small children taking the...[Read More]

Meet the Pixel phones, Google’s homegrown answer to the iPhone

Google today unveiled its new Pixel smartphones, and in doing so made it clear it wants the Apple-like control over hardware and software that has long made the iPhone the darling of mobile developers. There’ll be two Pixel devices to choose from, a 5in model and a larger 5.5in Pixel XL, but aside from the different screen sizes and resolutions, and the XL packing a bigger battery, on the sp...[Read More]

Download macOS Sierra now for free and start telling your Mac what to do

Apple’s latest version of its desktop operating system, macOS Sierra, is now available to regular users like us, and not just to those brave souls known as developers who kick the tyres of the pre-release versions so we don’t have to. Want to try it out? Head over to this link to download and install it. So, what’s changed? For a start, Apple’s digital, personal voice assis...[Read More]

12 Reasons to be excited about iOS 10

Apple’s taken the wraps off iOS 10, and it looks like a serious upgrade with some very welcome changes. The new mobile OS won’t arrive officially until spring — right around the time the next iPhones are revealed — but you can bet developers have been downloading it furiously since it was made available to them yesterday. Which should mean a good selection of compatible and...[Read More]

Meet Boomerang: Instagram’s new looping video app

Instagram, the Facebook-owned image sharing service, has released a new app for Android and iOS called Boomerang that lets users capture a short burst of images and then stitches them into a short, looping video clip that plays forwards and backwards. So, like, a gif? Yep, except that, you know, Boomerangs play forwards and backwards (and then forwards again, and backwards again, ad infinitum). Bo...[Read More]

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