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Coming soon: smartphones with terabyte storage, courtesy of Samsung

Smartphones are, when you actually think about it, just little pocket-sized computers. The fact that they can make phone calls is a holdover from the days when having a phone in your car made you super-cool (or a Wall Street broker with some unusual items in your gym locker). And, like computers, smartphones constantly upgrade to faster processors, more RAM and better storage. Samsung’s been...[Read More]

Light Start – Huawei gold, BB Venice, military wearables, Flash is dead, and XCOM 2 slips

Huawei strikes gold (and then hides it away from all of us) Hiuawei may have had a case of premature declaration, with details of their Android Wear watch popping up on their own Twitter account over the weekend. That tweet has since vanished but the images, price and details of the four models incoming (with an official 2 September reveal expected) have managed to stick around. There’s an e...[Read More]

Misfit Flash brings neon colours, fitness and sleep tracking to your wrist

Misfit has announced the Flash – a budget-friendly version of its Shine fitness tracker. Made from soft-touch plastic as opposed to the Shine’s more premium all-metal build, the Flash will land on shelves with a rather agreeable, if estimated for South Africa, R900 price tag – substantially cheaper than its Shine brother, which is currently hovering around the R1,350 mark here at...[Read More]

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