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Apple disables group FaceTime (for now) over bug that lets callers eavesdrop – even if you don’t answer

A bug was discovered in Apple's FaceTime services yesterday evening and news of its existence has rocketed around the world. The bug allows members of a group FaceTime call to eavesdrop on what's happening with other users -- before those users have answered or even if they've declined the call. The bug is so easy to replicate for users of iOS 12.1 that Apple has taken group FaceTime offline for n...[Read More]

If Vodacom and MTN win OTT battle South Africa loses

South Africa’s two largest mobile operators, Vodacom and MTN, will this week attend hearings led by parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications on whether or not so called “over-the-top” players like WhatsApp and Skype should be regulated. Which seems to be code for asking that the Committee allow said operators to charge for third-party services that offer messa...[Read More]

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