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Will Samsung’s next Galaxy Note sport a quad HD display?

Samsung is expected to show the world the next Galaxy Note smartphone later this year, in September at the IFA conference in Berlin, and one of the features of the oversized smartphone was rumoured to be a 1440p display. That theory has just gotten a little more evidence, in the form of an XML document related to an unannounced phone posted online by Samsung themselves. According to the document, ...[Read More]

Huawei Ascend P7 packs in a full HD screen, quad-core power and an 8MP front-facing camera for hi-res selfies

Huawei has officially revealed the P7, its follow up to last year’s super-slim P6. Like its predecessor, the P7 won’t bulge out your pockets, thanks to its svelte 6.5mm thin body. Its 124g weight won’t weigh your jeans down either. The front and back of the P7 is slathered in scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3, and the dotted pattern on the rear glass panel looks rather attractive...[Read More]

Apple’s latest spending spree could result in the best smartwatch screen we’ve ever seen

Apple’s recent $43 million acquisition of display company LuxVue suggests that the iWatch could land with a rather special screen, and it’s all down to its LEDs. LuxVue’s display technology uses micro-LEDs as opposed to traditional LEDs. Standard LEDs emit a bright white light which is filtered to strip away unwanted colours. Micro-LEDs differ in that they emit two red, two blue ...[Read More]

LG confirms its next flagship will use a quad HD display

Displays larger than 1080p have, up till now, been a relative rarity in smartphones. However, LG has just confirmed that their next flagship smartphone, the LG G3, will have a “Quad HD” resolution. LG’s move will likely signal the display size becoming more of a norm. It is thought that the phone will have a pixel density of 530 ppi due to its rumoured 5.5 inch display paired with its confir...[Read More]

Samsung to unveil a wraparound display next year – report

Samsung will be releasing a new sort of display on a Galaxy smartphone next year reports Bloomberg. The display will be a “three-sided” panel which wraps around the sides of the phone, allowing messages to be seen from several angles according to the anonymous sources cited in the article. Samsung has already unveiled the Galaxy Round handset and the upcoming display will apparently be...[Read More]

IDC figures show large-screened smartphones are on the rise

Market research firm IDC is out with a new batch of figures showing that smartphones of the larger variety are gaining ground over their performance in the market just last year. In 2012 an estimated 3% of smartphones that shipped featured displays over the 5-inch mark, 2013’s third quarter saw that amount jump to around 21% of all smartphones shipped. There’s no information to indicat...[Read More]

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