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Discovery Bank is coming in March 2019, here’s what you need to know

Are you a Discovery Vitality member? Do you have medical aid or insurance through Discovery, or one of its credit cards? Do you like gamification? Have you had enough of these questions? If you answered yes to any of these questions (except, perhaps, the last one), Discovery is hoping it’ll be able to sign you up to Discovery Bank when it launches to the public in March 2019. Billed as a ...[Read More]

Wearables in the workplace? PwC says we want ’em despite privacy concerns

If your employer bought you a smartwatch or other wearable and used the data to make your working conditions better would you be willing to don it? Research and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) says almost three quarters of South African employees it surveyed say they would. PwC quizzed more than 2,283 working SA adults online (an equal gender split across those surveyed and with 51% o...[Read More]

Light Start – Samsung Serif, the Restricta, 400 million Insta-users, and more

Samsung goes to design school, comes back with the Serif TV Samsung are typically on the cutting edge of screen, sometimes giving themselves razor-burn on the edge, so their step in a completely different direction is slightly jarring. Meet the Serif, a TV set that harks back to an older time, when a TV wasn’t just a screen. It was something that had to look good in your home (it wasn’...[Read More]

Now you can pre-register for upcoming Android apps in the Play Store

In the gaming world, PC and console digital storefronts often have avenues for advertising upcoming games – and in many cases, you can go ahead and pre-order a downloadable game. Now Google is starting to take steps in that direction for Android apps. Google now offers the ability to “pre-register” for an upcoming app or game via the Play Store, which essentially amounts to decla...[Read More]

Use a VivoFit and are on Discovery? Have some Vitality points (but you have to work for them)

Welcome to the world of fitness trackers, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter – to anyone except you, your social network and the folks hoovering up your exercise data so that the robots will eventually know all our weaknesses. Till now, that is. Discovery and Garmin have teamed up here in SA to get you working out harder than ever before – without needin...[Read More]

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