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Samsung Galaxy X – The foldable smartphone that might be appearing at IFA 2017

Flip phones ruled the mobile world until smartphones took over with their touchscreen slabs. However, we might soon be folding our phones in half again – if Samsung has its way. Foldable smartphones are coming, and as with the curved screens of the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung appears to be leading the charge. For a couple years now, the company has been sharing concepts of foldabl...[Read More]

Samsung to launch their cleverly-disguised Frame TV later this year

Samsung has, at an event in New York, announced the launch of several 4K and QLED TVs for 2017. Big whoop, right? That’s not really the New York event we’re most keen on. Except… one of those TV sets is the Frame TV. Or, rather, the The Frame TV. Which doesn’t look much like a television set at all. Instead, as you can see from the picture above, it resembles a piece of art...[Read More]

Wearable panic button Riskband is a very good concept

It’s a sad fact that the world as we see it feels more dangerous than ever. 2016 in particular is prominent in the “Screw that, I’m staying inside’ feels, as it seems like many locations are more dangerous than they’re worth. So how do you go outside? A company that makes something they call the Riskband believes that they have the answer. Whereable Technologies’...[Read More]

Fold or roll? Samsung’s new screens could drive future phones and tablets

Between patent filings and rumours, we’ve been hearing a lot about Samsung’s foldable phone ambitions over the last year. And now Samsung is showing off the tech that could power such a device. As the Korea Herald reports, Samsung is showcasing a couple of flexible screen prototypes at the SID Display Week 2016 conference in San Francisco this week. The flexible AMOLED display is a 5.7...[Read More]

Samsung’s futuristic smartwatch concept projects an interface onto your body

Smartwatch screens are small by necessity, as the larger they get the more cumbersome the device is to wear around your wrist. But what if your watch (Gear S2 shown) wasn’t limited by its screen and instead used the rest of your appendage as a display? It could happen, assuming Samsung creates the tech to match its impressive vision. Over the weekend, a patent application from the company wa...[Read More]

Faraday Future’s FFZero1 electric hypercar concept comes from the future

You might have heard rumours that motor vehicle company Faraday Future is actually Apple in disguise, putting together their vehicular ambitions in (more or less) secret. We’re still not totally sure on that score but what we are sure of is that Faraday’s FFZero 1 concept electric vehicle, on show at CES 2016, is probably a time machine in disguise. How else do you explain the design, ...[Read More]

Samsung’s wild foldable phone concepts revealed via patent application

Over the last year, Samsung has released three different phones with curved displays – and if rumours are any indication, we may see a phone with a proper foldable screen come early next year. What exactly does a foldable display look like on a smartphone? We may have our first indication, thanks to illustrations included with a United States patent application from the company. The one seen...[Read More]

Yamaha teases new vehicle concept for the Tokyo Motor Show

We expect a lot from Yamaha. Excellent boat motors. Insane superbikes. The occasional jet ski and quad bike. Great speakers, headphones and, weirdly, musical instruments. But we weren’t expecting this. Yamaha is teasing an actual motor vehicle, the sort that features four wheels, where the “…design concept is inspired by motorcycles and expresses the Unique Style of Yamaha.”...[Read More]

Ford’s MoDe: Flex smart bike concept comes apart for easy transportation

Is there a point to a bicycle that uses a small motor to help you scale hills and slopes? If you’re a constant commuter, perhaps, but we can’t help feel that it’s a bit pointless. But these sorts of bikes are proving popular all over the world and Ford has come out with a new bike concept called that MoDe: Flex that sports just this feature. That’s not remarkable on its own...[Read More]

Mini reveals augmented reality glasses concept

No, what you see in front of you is not a pair of Elvis Presley’s long-lost sunglasses, nor is it a ridiculously late April Fool’s Day joke, but a new augmented reality concept from Mini that could completely the change the way we drive. Set to be unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show next week, Augmented Vision uses “see through” technology that allows the augmented reality ...[Read More]

If the LG G4 ends up looking like this, then we’ll definitely want one

Look at your phone. Now look back at the screen. Tell us which handset you think looks prettier. Unless you’re rocking an iPhone 6 or have manged to somehow nab a Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9, then we’d bet money on the above G4 render out-classing your smartphone. A concept video showing off a render (read: an interpretation based on leaks) of the LG G4 has been created by Croatian...[Read More]

Will Samsung’s next mobile concept be a folding smartphone?

With the Galaxy Note Edge and the upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung has shown a desire to break from the traditional flat, confined displays typically seen on smartphones. But will the next step be a screen that can be easily folded and unfolded without damaging it? That’s the suggestion from a report coming out of BusinessKorea, which quotes a representative from Samsung Display claiming that such...[Read More]

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