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Apple’s Mac Pro to get even more expensive thanks to Trump’s tariffs

So you’d like to see America’s trade war in action, would you? Here’s an example: Apple’s been denied a tariff exemption for some five components used in its new Mac Pro. First reported by Bloomberg, Apple may wind up paying up to 25% more for the Mac Pro’s power adaptor, charge cable, cooling system, and an IO circuit board. Also on the list are the Mac Pro’s o...[Read More]

Meet the faster, stronger, better Raspberry Pi 4 starting at R580

The Raspberry Pi foundation surprised the world of DIY engineers with an unexpected announcement of its new Raspberry Pi 4 today.

Magnifico – A man built a PC out of pasta – because the internet

YouTuber, Laplanet Arts, filmed himself as he dismembered an old Acer Transformer convertible tablet, and used the components to power his pasta PC.

Samsung’s Gear 360 camera, exploded

Samsung’s Gear 360 camera is on the way but, before it lands, don’t you want to take a look at what’s on the inside? As it happens, you can, even if Samsung doesn’t want you to see it just yet. The reason we say that is that Samsung look to have taken down the original image from their Korean news site. But this is the internet and the internet never forgets. And someone al...[Read More]

What’s in a Galaxy S7? A whole lot of pieces, like these

This is a sight you never, ever want to come home to see. A brand-new Galaxy S7 exploded apart, as though someone with a small screwdriver and a lot of patients wanted to cost you far too much money. But in this case the exploded view is from Samsung themselves and we’re pretty sure they’ve got a rejects bin somewhere… they can probably afford to do away with a single phone. A si...[Read More]

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