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Cape Town Comic Con unofficially announced for 2020 (Update: Confirmed)

This weekend, Comic Con Cape Town was announced, quite unofficially. But if rumours turn out to be true, we'll see Cape Town's first Comic Con in 2020.

Microsoft launches new Azure datacentres in Johannesburg, Cape Town

Microsoft has brought new Azure datacentres to South Africa, based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The datacentres are the company's "...first enterprise-grade datacenters in Africa", and will be instrumental in connecting the country (and the continent) with Microsoft's services. 

inDriver ride-sharing app lands in SA, bringing Real Time Deals (and haggling) along

Ride-sharing services like Uber have made the drive home after a night out a safer experience but there is something that we could do without: surge pricing. A new ride-sharing service, called inDriver, that’s just launched in South Africa, reckons it might have the answer to that — haggling. More or less. inDriver, a service that was pioneered thanks to a reaction to surge pricing on ...[Read More]

Call-a-superhero feature to be added to Taxify

South Africans are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and staying safe is of utmost importance — especially in high-risk cities (like Stuff‘s own front lawn that is Johannesburg). Taxify, with the help of emergency assistance app Namola, is rolling out a new safety feature for Taxify drivers and users. The app will now launch an emergency button that, if pressed, connects at-ri...[Read More]

DJI Mavic Air: hands-on – Emphasis on ‘hand’

Have you ever wondered at the power that resides in your hands? Just lift up your hand. Yes, right there. Now watch as this drone follows your hand’s every move. Why? Because it is equipped with 3D tracking tech that allows the pilot to put down the controller and wave their hands in the air instead. We saw this tech demonstrated at the South African launch of DJI’s new drone, the Mavic Air. This ...[Read More]

Samsung stores are coming to Durban and Cape Town

Korean electronics behemoth Samsung has announced that it’s opening two new, dedicated Samsung-brand stores next month, one in Durban’s Pavillion Shopping Centre and the other in Cape Town’s Somerset Mall. Samsung’s Brand Stores are the company’s physical retail outlets that allow consumers to ogle and fiddle with the company’s vast range of products in person, from mobile phones, displays and cam...[Read More]

Bricks and mortar Orange store coming to Cape Town

French mobile operator Orange has announced it will open its first retail outlet in South Africa in the suburb of Claremont in Cape Town next month. The operator already operates a successful online store selling mobile handsets, tablets and other tech-related items. Orange plans to open additional stores in other parts of South Africa next year. The store will offer many of the same products sold...[Read More]

Orange launches free Wi-Fi in Cape Town, hints at ISP plans

French mobile operator Orange has partnered with the city of Cape Town to offer free Wi-Fi in Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain. Users will get 200MB of free data per day. The company also plans to offer paid data packages using the same Wi-Fi network down the line and has hinted at its plans to play in the Internet service provider (ISP) space in South Africa in the months to come. Sebastien Crozi...[Read More]

Cape school used as poster child for Wikipedia Zero campaign

The Wikimedia Foundation, through its Wikipedia Zero initiative, is trying to encourage mobile operators to waive the data charges associated with accessing Wikipedia so that anyone with a mobile phone can access the free, crowd-created and –edited, online encyclopaedia. The Foundation has launched an online petition to support the project. Wikipedia Zero is currently available in 29 countries thr...[Read More]

Creative Code teaching Khayelitsha youth programming basics

It’s sometimes easy, in the rush of new products and technology updates, to forget that not everyone in South Africa has access to the technology literacy and skills required to make a living using the technology that Stuff readers love so much. It is good to know that there are programs out there in this country that are assisting disadvantaged young people, who may have never held a tablet...[Read More]

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