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Lego announces its own foldable device with an ‘infinite’ battery

Lego unveiled its new Pop-Up Book set, dubbed Lego Fold which takes a stab at Samsung's marketing for the Galaxy Fold smartphone.

Some of Lego’s hardest to find sets aren’t so elusive in South Africa any more

Every Star Wars fan we’ve come across would give anything to have a Lego Millennium Falcon centrepiece in their house, even if their significant others don’t think it goes with the decor. Or the bank account. Trouble is, in South Africa it’s traditionally been a struggle finding exclusive and hard-to-find Lego sets, so many couples have been spared the discussion… but not anymore. The first certif...[Read More]

Hide your wallets: Lego’s making an official entry into the country

Distract your children, or at least make sure you get to Sandton City before them because the first officially-certified Lego store will be opening there at the end of July, along with an online store which will follow at a later date. Do you want to build a Deathstar? Just… no elbowing kids out the way to get to the counter, okay? The brand new store, set to open its doors on 28 July this y...[Read More]

Lego Fusion blends real and virtual building into one

With its new Fusion sets, Lego moves into the digital world while keeping one foot firmly planted in real life. These boxes come with 200 building blocks which, when used to make structures and other models, can be transferred block-for-block into an app for iPads and Android tablets. The bricks need to be placed on a special base called a Fusion Capture Plate. These allow you to build 16×16 ...[Read More]

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