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How humans (and other intelligent animals) might ruin the autonomous vehicle utopia

Rightly or wrongly, billions of dollars are being poured into autonomous vehicle research and development to pursue this autopia. However, barely any resource or thought is being given to the question of how humans will ultimately respond to the AV fleet. In a city full of autonomous cars, how might our behaviour and use of city streets change?

Autonomous vehicles could help millions of people catch up on sleep, TV and work

What would you do if you could magically reclaim all the time you spend behind the wheel of a car? Ultimately that’s what a future filled with autonomous vehicles is promising. There are many questions about what autonomous vehicles will be able to do, how reliable they’ll be and how much they’ll cost. But development is far enough along for people to start thinking about what drivers would do wit...[Read More]

Tesla’s next feat? Solving public transport woes with self-driving buses

The Model 3 has racked up 400,000 pre-orders already, and Tesla Motors is riding a huge wave of positive publicity. So what better time to start talking about another transformational vehicle? The next one might be a bus – or something akin to a bus, at least. And it’ll be self-driving, too. But it won’t be exactly like a bus, since it’ll apparently take you directly to you...[Read More]

Light Start – Ant-bot, driverless tracks, dead clickbait, and make a home on Mars

Antbo the DIY ant-bot is being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo Believe it or not, we like certain insects. Some spiders are okay. Others tend to raid the fridge and drink all the beer. We’re not big on roaches but ants… ants, we like. So this crowdfunded ant-bot, called Antbo, is right up our street of choice. Antbo is a built-it-yourself robot, which takes about an hour to put together and t...[Read More]

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