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Mazda rolls out Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in SA

While Apple CarPlay’s been available in South Africa for a while, Android Auto only officially made its way to South Africa earlier this year. Japanese car maker Mazda this week announced that certain models in its lineup will now support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There’s one catch though, if you’re a Mazda owner and keen on connecting your mobile phone to your car via Apple...[Read More]

Ford Ranger: A road tripper’s delight with plenty of might

South Africans sure do love a bakkie, and casting a snoot around any shopping mall parking lot affirms Ford‘s assertions that the Ranger is one of the most popular in the class. Aside from its legendary ruggedness and versatility, the Ranger is beloved for its affordability and feature set. It’s the last of these we were most interested in when we requested a loaner 2018 version to tak...[Read More]

This is the new Ford Fiesta, but you can’t have it until 2018

In July this year, Ford unveiled the new Fiesta in summery, scenic, siesta-prone Spain. Europe’s getting four variants of the 2017 model, but here in South Africa we’ll only be seeing two of them, the Trend and Titanium series. What’s more, South African Fiesta fans will have to wait until Q2 of 2018 to get their hands on (and feet in) one, but going on what we experienced in Spa...[Read More]

12 Reasons to be excited about iOS 10

Apple’s taken the wraps off iOS 10, and it looks like a serious upgrade with some very welcome changes. The new mobile OS won’t arrive officially until spring — right around the time the next iPhones are revealed — but you can bet developers have been downloading it furiously since it was made available to them yesterday. Which should mean a good selection of compatible and...[Read More]

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