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Facebook is beefing up its security in South Africa ahead of elections

One of the most unexpected presidential elections in history (that one experienced by the US in 2016) could have been influenced by Facebook and targeted ads by Russian bots. People do go on about it and Facebook has said that it’s very, very sorry. Facebook also really doesn’t want a similar catastrophe to take place in South Africa in 2019’s elections. To improve transparency and combat th...[Read More]

Facebook South Africa has partnered with Africa Check and AFP to combat fake news

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, has announced that it has partnered with Africa Check and French news organisation AFP to provide third-party fact-checking services in an effort to combat fake news and other false or misleading content on the platform in South Africa. The company also launched third-party fact checking in Kenya yesterday. If you’re even remotely interesti...[Read More]

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