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Light Start – Toyota AI, Falcon Heavy, LG’s gold Urbane, free petrol WiFi and a bionic model

Toyota joins MIT and Stanford in a hunt for motor vehicle intelligence Artificial intelligence, that is. We should all know that there’s precious little human intelligence in traffic – it’s hard to see how machines could do any worse. Seriously though, Toyota are going to be setting up AI research centres at both MIT and Stanford University, something that will cost the company $...[Read More]

Light Start – Canon’s 250MP sensor, better Force for iPhones, Lenovo’s smartwatch, a 4K Blu-ray player and MK X

How big is too big? Canon develops teeny little 250MP sensor We’d think that they’re compensating for something but you don’t brag about how small you’ve managed to make your really, really huge thing – especially when you’re talking about camera sensors. But that’s what Canon have done, they’ve developed a 250MP sensor that fits into a space around ...[Read More]

Light Start – Star Wars BB-8, NASA’s froodiness, Google health info, and Cat Street View

All (well, most) of our Star Wars dreams have come trueWe’re pretty huge fans of R2-D2 at Stuff HQ, but R2’s got some stiff competition in the form of BB-8, the spherical droid that’s become the non-human character most synonymous with the forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now robotics company Sphero has made a tennis ball-sized version of BB-8 consumers can actuall...[Read More]

Light Start – Huawei out-Apples Apple, Skynet nears, Google trivia and MacGyver’s jacket

Huawei’s Mate S pips Apple to the Force-Touch-enabled smartphone postIFA 2015 is underway in Berlin, Germany and has already been full of surprises, like the announcement of Sony’s 4K-display-touting Z5 Premium phablet and Huawei releasing a gold smartwatch that costs as much as Apple’s top-end Watch Edition (it starts at $10,000). But the Chinese electronics company had another ...[Read More]

Light Start – GoPro goes social, a manned drone, bodies better than Bluetooth and Instagram Direct grows up

Wearables could one day send data through our bodies instead of via BluetoothBluetooth may be the de facto way of getting wearables to communicate with other devices like our smartphones, but a team at the University of San Diego in California is testing a system that uses the human body’s natural magnetic field to transfer data instead. It works on the same principles as an MRI, but involve...[Read More]

Light Start – Afrihost, the Gear S2, Ford GT testing, Deus Ex and the world’s largest digital camera

Afrihost – A very empty photo essay Where does your internet come from? Ours comes from a vast collection of hamsters running on wheels which translate keyboard presses into kinetic movement. This is transferred via morse code to a parchment that is carried via albatross to the nearest post office. For everyone else, there’s the good ole ISP and here’s what it looks like inside A...[Read More]

Light Start – Huawei gold, BB Venice, military wearables, Flash is dead, and XCOM 2 slips

Huawei strikes gold (and then hides it away from all of us) Hiuawei may have had a case of premature declaration, with details of their Android Wear watch popping up on their own Twitter account over the weekend. That tweet has since vanished but the images, price and details of the four models incoming (with an official 2 September reveal expected) have managed to stick around. There’s an e...[Read More]

Light Start – Facebook numbers, Lumia leaks, printed rockets, Instagram changes and The Battle of Jakku

Facebook clocks one billion users in a single day for the first time Facebook officially has all the numbers. Earlier this week a full seventh of the planet – not the connected planet or a specific age group, the entire planet – spent time on Facebook in a single day. In other words, over 1 billion people were on Facebook this past Monday, a new milestone for the company according to M...[Read More]

Light Start – A Franken-iPhone 6s, Note 5 stylus woes, a rollup keyboard, Obi Worldphone, and The Witcher

A zap of electricity and this iPhone 6s logic board is alive! Apple’s iPhone is coming in hot, with the rumour machine spinning up like an autocannon on a Huey over enemy territory. Above is the latest, a video that shows Apple’s iPhone 6s. Or pieces of it, anyway. The logic board and display have been located (as well as a few other bits, connected and powered up, like a small technol...[Read More]

Light Start – Morpheus, immortal batteries, the OM-D E-M10 Mk II, YouTube Gaming, and the Venturi

Where is Sony’s Morpheus virtual reality headset headed, technologically speaking? As it happens Sony has the answer to that question in this new video from the company detailing what Sony have in the works for the Morpheus VR headset. This includes a chat with the teams developing the technology, a look at the current state of the headset and a couple of gaming previews. We’re still n...[Read More]

Light Start – anti-Windows 10 pirates, Bitcoin, the G Pad II 10in, Sony drone and a giant woolly Yoshi

Got Windows 10? Pirates are going to be very wary of you Internet piracy is a thing and there’s no use pretending that it doesn’t exist. But it’s going to be slacking off, on computers running Windows 10 at the very least, thanks to current privacy concerns around Microsoft’s newest operating system. Several of the most-used torrent trackers (if you don’t know what th...[Read More]

Light Start – Venice video, Yamaha Atmos, Twitter bots, iSight cam replacements and Telkom’s new DSL

Dolby’s Atmos tech now in bar form with Yamaha’s YSP-5600 We like cinemas. Not because of the people, the food or the air conditioning (all of which frequently suck) but because of the screen size and the sound. The glorious, rumbling sound. Dolby’s Atmos technology, previously the domain of the cinema, is going to be heading to the home with Yamaha’s newly-announced YSP-56...[Read More]

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