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Light Start – Kenyan Street View, new Amazon Fire, Ford apps, inside the Mini 4, and Mxit in the mire

Sit right there, we’re going on a tour of Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve If virtual tourism actually ever catches on, we’re pretty sure that large sections of Africa are going to be a lot poorer but at the moment it’s just a really, really cool alternative to the real thing. Google has given the world the chance to explore the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya without lea...[Read More]

Light Start: watchOS 2 delayed, Orion, Trident drone, bacon dating, and Attack on Titan

watchOS 2 will be arriving late (because it swallowed a bug) Apple’s watchOS 2 was supposed to have launched yesterday alongside iOS 9 (oh yeah, that’s why WiFi is slow everywhere today – bear with us while we download all the things) but it’s going to be delayed, thanks to a bug that the Apple development team discovered in the software. The wristwear update now doesn̵...[Read More]

Light Start – Sony VR, African gaming, Dislike, smart basketball, and folding smartphones

Project Morpheus becomes the less cool-sounding PlayStation VR Those who don’t follow every incident in the gaming world religiously may have missed the Tokyo Games Show this week. We… didn’t, and what we found out is that Sony’s gaming virtual reality headset, previously known as Project Morpheus, has been renamed PlayStation VR. In order to soften the blow, Sony also deta...[Read More]

Light Start – Electric Porsche, sensitive robotics, Ducati Monster, F-35 VR, and Mario’s birthday

Say Hi to the Porsche Mission E electric sports car Everybody likes the Porsche, except for people who don’t. For the first group (we like you folks more), Porsche has announced details of their new 911. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because they’ve also announced the Mission E, a concept electric car that will give Tesla sleepless nights. Because Porsche ...[Read More]

Light Start – Self destruct, unwanted Windows 10, 4K NASA, Canon VR, and MGS V truncation

This chip will self-destruct in five seconds… Picture the scene. You’re Tom Cruise… maybe a little taller. Someone has stolen your smartphone and you’ve got little hope of ever seeing it again. So you just remotely cook its processor, shattering it, the motherboard and probably the screen in the process. That’s the theory, with a company called PARC (owned by Xerox) r...[Read More]

Light Start – Radeon goes solo, DJI’s aerial cam, GoPro VR, Ultima Evolution, and Star Wars Land

AMD and Radeon part ways – in a manner of speaking Some industry news, and only applicable if you’re hoping to impress someone with your grasp of the finer details of Intel/AMD/Nvidia rivalry, is that AMD has announced places to turn their graphics division into a standalone called Radeon Technologies Group. Which, if you remember the great ATI/Nvidia wars of 2008 (those were the days)...[Read More]

Light Start – The no-Apple edition

Today’s Light Start has taken longer than usual but that’s because there’s a lot of noise to be filtered out – Noise that takes the shape of Apple’s smartphone, tablet, watch and Apple TV announcements. But we did it, we found the other news. At last. Samsung producing monster smartphone RAM – Is 6GB enough or do you need more? Samsung may have attempted to stea...[Read More]

Light Start – Space Whisky, spider drones, tech POTUS, WiFi allergies and internet troubleshooting

Orbital whisky is now a thing, thanks to Ardbeg’s ISS experiment What happens to whisky if you send it into space for a couple of years? Enquiring minds want to know, purely for scientific reasons. Ardbeg, a company that makes single malt whisky on a small Scottish island, sent some up to the International Space Station in 2011 and the whiskey returned to Earth a year ago. It’s taken a...[Read More]

Light Start – Toyota AI, Falcon Heavy, LG’s gold Urbane, free petrol WiFi and a bionic model

Toyota joins MIT and Stanford in a hunt for motor vehicle intelligence Artificial intelligence, that is. We should all know that there’s precious little human intelligence in traffic – it’s hard to see how machines could do any worse. Seriously though, Toyota are going to be setting up AI research centres at both MIT and Stanford University, something that will cost the company $...[Read More]

Light Start – Canon’s 250MP sensor, better Force for iPhones, Lenovo’s smartwatch, a 4K Blu-ray player and MK X

How big is too big? Canon develops teeny little 250MP sensor We’d think that they’re compensating for something but you don’t brag about how small you’ve managed to make your really, really huge thing – especially when you’re talking about camera sensors. But that’s what Canon have done, they’ve developed a 250MP sensor that fits into a space around ...[Read More]

Light Start – Star Wars BB-8, NASA’s froodiness, Google health info, and Cat Street View

All (well, most) of our Star Wars dreams have come trueWe’re pretty huge fans of R2-D2 at Stuff HQ, but R2’s got some stiff competition in the form of BB-8, the spherical droid that’s become the non-human character most synonymous with the forthcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now robotics company Sphero has made a tennis ball-sized version of BB-8 consumers can actuall...[Read More]

Light Start – Huawei out-Apples Apple, Skynet nears, Google trivia and MacGyver’s jacket

Huawei’s Mate S pips Apple to the Force-Touch-enabled smartphone postIFA 2015 is underway in Berlin, Germany and has already been full of surprises, like the announcement of Sony’s 4K-display-touting Z5 Premium phablet and Huawei releasing a gold smartwatch that costs as much as Apple’s top-end Watch Edition (it starts at $10,000). But the Chinese electronics company had another ...[Read More]

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