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Bank with FNB? Get The Entertainer app for free

Bank with FNB? Get The Entertainer app for free

The Entertainer app has been available in South Africa since 2013 and gives users access to 2-for-1 specials at restaurants, spas, hotels and the like for an annual subscription of R495/city. First National Bank (FNB) has today announced that its giving its customers (and those of RMB Private Bank) free access to the service for all four supported South African cities (Cape Town, Durban, Joburg and Pretoria). Users can also make use of The Entertainer in the UK, which would usually cost an extra R541.30.

Founded in 2001 in Dubai, The Entertainer App is available to all eBucks members. To get it you’ll also need the latest version of the FNB mobile banking app.

To register, log in to the FNB app, head to the eBucks menu, and tap the icon for The Entertainer. Follow the prompts to register and you’ll get an email from The Entertainer to confirm your registration. Download The Entertainer app, log in with the details you received in the confirmation email, and you’re good to go. RMB Private Banking clients should follow the same steps, albeit via the RMB Private Banking app.

“At FNB we are always looking for ways to add value to our customers’ lives by making their money go further,” says Johan Moolman, CEO of eBucks Rewards. “We recognise the unstable economic conditions we live in, where our customers are forced to be frugal when it comes to leisure activities. This exciting partnership with The Entertainer allows our customers to enjoy doing the things they love doing whilst making the most of their budgets.”

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  1. If I do not have an ebucks card yet bank with fnb, do I still qualify for free use of the app

  2. Videsh. As long as you see the ebucks icon in your banking app you will be able to access the entertainer.

    Hope this helps boss.

  3. I was registered with the Entertainer app last year. I followed the instructions on the FNB site and received a welcome confirmation from FNB via email, but no special log in details was provided. When I access the Entertainer app on my handset, it requires me to enter my details but nowhere does it ask me for FNB login details and therefore I am still required to pay R495

    Please assist.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Lee-Ann,

      Keep an eye on your inbox. It can take up to a day for the email from The Entertainer to come through. If you’ve previously been registered with it you’ll be asked to log in using your existing details. Once you get the email and log in you won’t be asked for payment.

  4. I am with FNB but bought the 2019 app late last year for R395. Now i see it is for free and now i am the loser. Bit unfair

    • That’s what happened to me too, same situation

  5. I should never never bank with FNB it is the worst service I will never never tell anyone @ businesses to bank with FNB specific with Virginia branch I waste 3 days at the branch for a form from their Head Office for a fraud case to report ??? for 3 days in a row to find out if the form is there ????? NO FORM STILL THEY ARE WAITING FOR HEADOFFICE JUST FOR A FORM NO RESPONSE OR RESULTS TILL TODAY WHAT A UNPROFESSIONAL FROM A BANK ????

  6. I feel ripped off!
    I bought the entertainer today only to hear a few minutes later that it’s free.
    I am a loyal FNB customer so how did they not alert me? Will I be able to reverse the transaction?
    I have not used the facility yet.

  7. Logged my details on the FNB website got my mail with the details and all worked fine, thanks.

  8. Is this app free completely? Or do you have to start paying at some point..

  9. I downloaded the app and did the registration thing but now i am only able to use the food & Drink portion of the app, is this right?

  10. I’ve used the option to get the entertainer on my online app on the 09.01.19 but haven’t still today no email for notification. And have taken a screen shot of the notice and emailed it to both parties but no Bladdy help.

  11. There Is Also A Great Facebook Page Call The Entertainer Ping Club, Which Has Helpful Tips And Is A Place Where You Can Exchange The Offers You Don’t Use For Ones You Do, Very Helpful Once You Have Used Up All Your Favorite Offers, you can use the link below to join up and then exchange offers with other members via the Entertainer ping offer on the app.

  12. I have downloaded the app, but I can no longer access my emails in order to unlock the entertainer app. Is there a facility to give an alternate email address

  13. Do I have to download it via the FNB app? Can I not go via the Ebucks website?

  14. Hi. I hope someone can assist me.

    I downloaded the Entertainer app (and registered) a few days ago, but haven’t paid yet. I saw this FNB offer today and signed up for the promotion on the FNB app with the same email I used when I downloaded the Entertainer App a few days ago.

    My question is, since I already downloaded and registered on the Entertainer app, will it recognise me as a new user and still give me this promotion?

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