Lock, unlock and remote start your Ford Everest and EcoSport with an app now


Earlier this year, Ford introduced its FordPass Connect app — a mobile application designed to function as a remote car key. The app launched alongside its Ranger FX4 model — which was the first in South Africa to feature FordPass Connect functionality. Now it’s rolling out to more models. 

Thing about this app is that it needs a specific type of receiver in the car to make it work as a remote key — and that’s an eSIM. According to Ford, this type of hardware can’t be retrofitted to a vehicle, which means that functionality is limited to certain newer vehicles right now. 

Ford’s connecting the lot

According to a press release, the app will now function and come standard on all Everest models, and on EcoSport Trend and Titanium derivatives.

Of course, there’s the remote lock, unlock, and start features. In addition to this, you’ll be able to schedule a start (and heat/cool the car before getting in and driving off). You’ll also get to see your vehicle’s status on things like the odometer, fuel level, and oil level. The app will also alert you when the car’s health is a bit off and allow you the ability to track down a lost car in the confusing airport parkade, or any parkade really. 

“On all Ford models equipped with the SYNC infotainment system, the FordPass app provides useful vehicle information such as current odometer reading, fuel level and distance to empty, as well as the tyre pressures on vehicles fitted with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System,” the press release details. 

You’ll also be able to schedule services at your favourite dealerships, get access to 24-hour roadside assistance and search for petrol stations. How convenient. 


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