Xiaomi 11T series boast face-melting 120W fast charging speeds


The Chinese smartphone and tech brand that’s managed to knock Apple off its seat as the second-most popular smartphone seller globally is gearing up to launch its newest range of handsets, called the Xiaomi 11T. 

Early reports show we’re expecting two devices at least: an 11T Pro and an 11T. While we’d like to keep some of the technical aspects of these a surprise for some (because we don’t know ‘em officially), it’s pretty exhilarating to know the Pro model will support 120W fast charging, as confirmed by the company itself. 

Xiaomi’s speedy demon incoming

Xiaomi’s Twitter handle confirmed that at least one of the incoming devices will support a blisteringly fast charging speed of 120W. Called HyperCharge in this instance, it’s an impressive increase from 33W found on its predecessor. 

Other than the charging speed, Xiaomi hasn’t confirmed any specifications expected on the 11T or 11T Pro devices. We can expect them to sit comfortably in the midrange market, which means we can look forward to decent hardware at an affordable price. 

Rumours detail a 120Hz AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 888 chipset, and a 5,000mAh battery complete with that 120W HyperCharge support — for the Pro at least. The entry model may turn up with a MediaTek chipset. 

We’ll definitely see more of these devices on 15 September during Xiaomi’s global live event. Also, how quickly do you reckon you’d be able to charge up an 11T Pro to full?

Source: XDA-Developers


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