Strava makes previously subscriber-only Beacon location-sharing feature available to all of its users


Some features shouldn’t ever exist behind a paywall. Beacon, a location sharing feature in fitness app Strava, is one such item. Happily, the ability to share where you are with friends and family has just been yanked out from behind a paid subscription and given to all of the app’s users, free of charge.

Something nice from Strava

The way that Beacon works is similar to Uber’s trip-sharing feature — activating it lets you share a URL with whoever you send it to, and they can then keep an eye on where you are. The reason is much the same as Uber’s implementation — so loved ones know where you are, and are aware if there’s been any… deviation.

Strava has a decent run-through of how to activate the feature on its website, but does point out that you’ll need to have cellular service in order for the feature to work. If you’re roaming the mountains where cell towers have yet to be planted, Beacon’s not going to work.

And there are a few other limitations as well. While you can now activate Beacon on your smartphone, you’ll still need a subscription if you’d prefer to run the feature through a connected device. If you routinely use a bike computer or a wearable on your outings, then the “…added complexity of supporting those integrations” will be used to justify making you pay a monthly subscription.


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