How the turn tables – Hacker hacks Apex Legends to complain about hackers in Titanfall


In one of the most brazen displays of irony we’ve seen this year, a hacker or group of hackers took it upon themselves to disrupt the Sundays of Apex Legend players everywhere with the hope that Titanfall gets some love too.

When you hack because they hack…

Reports from all over social media flooded in as Apex players were met with an in-game message that directed players to an external and very unofficial ‘save Titanfall’ webpage. After which, they could no longer queue for games. This went on for a few hours across pretty much every platform. Luckily, it didn’t take the Respawn devs long to reassure players that they were working on a fix. They also let players know that no player accounts or info were compromised.

Some four hours later Respawn posted that their patch had restored matchmaking.

— you become the very thing you sought to destroy

It seems that the culprit of the hack wants the Respawn devs to give the same kind of attention that Apex receives to Titanfall as players of that game have (apparently) suffered a similar fate for a lot longer. Apex has grown exponentially since it was released in February of 2019. While it continues to receive regular updates, fixes and patches the same can’t be said for Titanfall, another Respawn Entertainment franchise.

While this kind of attack is sure to bring attention to the problems that befall Titanfall, there are definitely better ways of doing it.

Or maybe the hacker just needed an excuse to shout for heirloom shards?


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