Dying Light 2: Stay Hyped gets a new trailer

Dying Light 2

Image: Techland

In their promotional strategy for their much-anticipated sequel, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland has opted to go a similar route that Cyberpunk 2077 went with their episodic show Dying 2 Know. The show features gameplay development, behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, interviews with some of the developers and sometimes, a new trailer.

Following the success Episode 1 received, Episode 2 looks to capitalise on that, this time with a focus on the monsters and zombies you’ll be up against. One of the highlights was a new type of enemy, affectionately call Sleeping Beauties and presumably inspired by the witch from Left 4 Dead.

Dying Light 2 is still on track

Dying Light 2 was in development hell for ages but, so far, everything seems on track for the 7 December 2021 launch we’ve been promised. Let’s hope the similarities to Cyberpunk 2077 end at cribbing from their marketing strategy.

If you want to see the new monsters you’ll have to keep from nibbling on your person, check out Episode 2 of Dying 2 Know. For news on when the next episode will be you can follow them on Twitter or keep your eyes open for updates from us.


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