Razer teams up with Clearbot to develop an ocean cleaning robot


In case you didn’t know this, yesterday (8 June 2021) was World Ocean Day, and in case you didn’t know this either, humans as a species haven’t been particularly nice to the ocean in recent years. So, to try and make up for humanity’s oceanic abuse, Razer is teaming up with robotics Clearbot to develop a little bot whose mission is to attempt and clean up oceans and rivers all over the globe.

Razer and Clearbot are doing their part

Clearbot is both the name of the robotics company as well as its product, a miniature-catamaran-looking “marine trash-collecting drone” that takes on surf and sea to clean up floating rubbish, most of which is plastic. It improves its trash detection and collection strategies using adaptive AI. Think Wall-E if he could swim.

Anyone who knows anything about ocean pollution knows that plastic waste, in particular, is responsible for choking and poisoning droves of marine life, from fish to birds to sea turtles. Clearbot (the company) hopes that Clearbot (the machine) will help protect many other animals from suffering the same fate. As part of its #GoGreenWithRazer initiative, Razer has decided to partner with the company to take its tech to the next level. 

“With Razer’s resources and technical expertise aiding our mission they have helped us improve on Clearbot’s design by making it more efficient, marketable, and scalable,” said Sidhant Gupta, co-founder of Clearbot.

Razer says it’s looking to partner up with “game-changing start-ups in their push for sustainability” to do its part to better the Earth’s future.

The partnership is allowing Clearbot to expand, and the company envisions a fleet of clean-up bots in the water sometime in the future. The partnership also means the robot is getting a redesign, with sleek curves and smooth edges befitting a future-proofing machine. And yes, it’s got a green light in the logo. Because Razer, that’s why.


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