Razer has made its own pre-paid credit card (that lights up, of course)


When you purchase a Razer product, you can usually expect one of two things. Firstly, you’ll tell your friends about it, who will then question where you got the money to afford a Razer product, and secondly, you’ll wonder if all the neon light spilling out of your keyboard is all that necessary.

Razer has a reputation for putting lights on a range of different PC peripherals and while we can’t speak to the, uh, weirdly diverse range of products they’ve made over the years, having any kind of green light on a PC-related item is usually enough to know that it’s made by Razer. Such is the case with a new pre-paid credit card the company’s producing which also lights up green. It’s a design choice that’s both profoundly dumb but… still a little cool.

Green with envy

Look, we’re the first to admit that going out of your way to buy a pre-paid credit card that features the Razer logo lighting up every time you pay for something is ridiculous. But if you’re one of the few folks that has fashioned your entire aesthetic around Razer’s traditional black and green branding (which you hopefully aren’t) there are some benefits.

Using the card to pay for things can net you some “unique gamified rewards”. Which sounds like a load of nonsense but Razer wants everyone to know that the system in place lets users to, “track, score, and redeem rewards based on tasks and everyday transactions”, according to The Verge. Using the card on Razer’s online store nets users a 10% discount on whatever they purchase and an opportunity to redeem “up to $2,000 worth of Razer gear and free card upgrades.” It’s anyone’s guess what those rewards may be, but they’ll probably light up. Green, of course.

The card will work with Razer’s own e-wallet app that’s currently only available in Singapore and Malaysia. Which is fitting given that the card is still in beta and only available in Singapore to the first 1,337 people who sign up to try it. Just as well, we doubt folks in South Africa are rushing to pick up a Razer-branded credit card. Unless they’re really, really into the brand.

(Source: The Verge)



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