It’s official – WhatsApp will soon work on up to four devices


Instant messaging service WhatsApp, when it wasn’t getting up its own users’ noses or adding features nobody was really asking for, was reported to be up to something actually useful — adding multi-device support for a single account. Because nobody has just one mobile device anymore, apparently. Well, last month’s rumours have just become this month’s confirmed feature.

What’s up, WhatsApp?

According to the folks over at WABetaInfo, who always seem to have all the WhatsApp beta info for some reason, the messaging service will soon work on up to four devices using a single account. That’s according to both the service’s head Will Cathcart and Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg himself. The pair spoke to the publication via WhatsApp and confirmed several features are upcoming.

Four-device support will see multiple bits of tech connected to the same phone number without needing an internet connection on the main device. That’s rather handy. The timeline for its arrival is a little murky but a public beta test will be along in the next two months or so, according to Cathcart, so expect something official from August onwards this year.

Also coming are disappearing messages, as well as an option to make that the default for new conversations on WhatsApp. There’s also a ‘view once’ feature that’ll disappear any images or videos you send to people on your contacts list after they’ve looked at it once. The feature will warn you that screenshots can still be taken, however. The timeline for these additions is even murkier, but they’ll appear in a beta before they roll out worldwide so we’ll at least have some notice.


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