BMW is stepping up the fight against a worldwide pandemic


BMW CaresThe Red Cross Society has been high on BMW’s list of organisations that require help. And with the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging communities across the country, we made a concerted effort to help by loaning 17 vehicles which went a long way in accessing rural communities. By ensuring that medically trained staff were able to reach remote areas, the Red Cross Society succeeded in screening and educating people far less fortunate than ourselves.

We supported the Gauteng Health Department with vital Personal Protection Equipment to help protect our frontline workers.

Across South Africa, we are doing our utmost to help curb the rate of infections. By donating an emergency support car and an ambulance and contributing towards the upgrade of 9 hospitals and 4 clinics across 3 provinces, we can truly say that we are in this together.

Saving, raising and re-releasing orphaned rhinos

We’re outspoken, passionate and proactive about wildlife in South Africa. So when it comes to orphaned rhinos, we do our best to make sure that these beautiful animals are protected for future generations.

Working hand in hand with The Rhino Orphanage, we’ve helped tackle the poaching crisis one day at a time. With two BMW X3 vehicles on loan, the organisation has been far more agile in reaching areas where poachers hunt. These efforts are proving effective in saving many orphans and re-introducing them into the wild for future generations to enjoy. And the good news is that they are flourishing.

As individual as it gets 

Our cars have always been admired for their remarkable array of paint options. From Long Beach Blue to Black Sapphire, the colour options are tailored to be as individualistic as the buyer. BMW SA is proud to have collaborated with renowned South African artist Dr Esther Mahlangu over the past 30 years. The creation of the first BMW Art Car by a South African artist in 1991 generated critical acclaim. Twenty-five years later, we continued the partnership when BMW commissioned Dr Esther Mahlangu to decorate a BMW 7 Series with the Ndebele inspired designs for which she has won global acclaim. Today, we are proud to help support the renovation of her art studio.

In 2016, Esther was once again commissioned by BMW Group to add her personal touch to a BMW 750Li by painting interior panels with her signature Ndebele art. This imaginative and inspirational work of art made an appearance at the FNB Joburg Art Fair.

Putting the X into excellence 

The versatile and capable BMW X3 is the result of world-class technology and constantly evolving skill. It’s also the result of the Plant Rosslyn Training Academy, a state-of-the-art training facility that has benefited more than 2000 young, ambitious people with a career and job security at BMW over the last 30 years.

This facility has helped bring aspiring engineers right to the forefront of global industry trends. Developed at a cost of R73 million, the 6000m2 Rosslyn Training Academy is committed to supporting our future generations.

From old school to new school 

Ntsha-Peu Primary can be found near Soshanguve, and until 2019, the school had seen better days. It was in dire need of refreshed facilities and new equipment. Seeing the state of the buildings was humbling and a true lesson in the realities that many South African learners have to face every day. So, we stepped up to the plate and came to the aid of a school that really needed a break. The R4 million investment has helped put an 80-seater computer lab in place. It launched a multi-sports facility, a library, always-on internet and updated classrooms. The ongoing support provided to over 144 schools will open minds and continue to inspire and shape a future filled with hope and dreams.

Building a better today for a stronger tomorrow

From saving rhinos to providing vital support during worldwide pandemics, we go the extra mile to make a difference to people’s lives and the communities around us.


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