Watch nearly 20 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West


Last night Sony showed off the forthcoming Horizon Forbidden West on its official channel as a State Of Play reveal.

If you are an ardent fan of this series, you may have stayed up at 10pm last night, which is when the reveal got going locally, in which case, move on, you’ve already seen this.

For the rest of you, feast your eyes on the player below.

Horizon Forbidden West builds on Zero Dawn

Looking at the reveal, it seems that Guerrilla Games has doubled down on the foundations of Zero Dawn, offering players more mechs, more mechanics, more weapons, more enemies  and more map.

While the game’s protagonist, Aloy, had a fair few weapons and tricks up her sleeve, the developer has gifted her quite large plethora of new toys. On top of sticky bombs, smoke bombs and ammunition that can strip off armour and reveal weak spots, players will also get a Focus-Scanner to highlight climbable environments, a Pullcaster to grapple and swing about on, a Diving Mask for underwater exploration and a Shieldwing, which is essentially an electric parachute.

Details on the game’s plot don’t reveal much more than what’s already on Wikipedia, but players will learn that there’s a new hostile tribe in this sequel, who also know how to override machines. The combat looks like it takes more a tactical nature than that of the game’s predecessor too.

There’s no word yet when Horizon Forbidden West will be released, but it will be a PS5 exclusive… well, at least at launch.


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