Grab a collectable Marvel mug courtesy of Food Lover’s Market


Food Lover’s Market wants to reward its loyal customers, so it’s launching a new campaign with some pretty super prizes. From now until mid-August this year, you can grab your favourite Marvel Hero’s mug on a mug by shopping at Food Lover’s Market.

Get a Marvel mug on your marvellous mug

The Marvel Super Hero Mug campaign, as it’s called, is “an extension of the drive to create a great shopping experience during these tough economic times”. Market managing executive Travis Coppin explains that “As we have seen with previous campaigns, rewards programmes are hugely popular with our shoppers and, with the Marvel Super Hero Mugs, we are confident consumers young and old will love it.”

There are six mugs on offer, each with an iconic Marvel hero drawn on it in a classic comic book style. You’ve got Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man. Apologies to Hawkeye, the only original Avenger not featured. Maybe next time.

There are two ways to get your hands on one (or all for the super fans) on these mugs. By spending R100 at any Food Lover’s Market, Food Lover’s Eatery, Market Café or Seattle Coffee Company in Sa and you’ll get a sticker to stick to the campaign’s collector card. Grab ten stickers and you’re ready to cash in. Redeem a stickered-out card and throw in R50 and you’ll get the superhero mug you’ve had your eyes on.

You can also just buy the mugs you want. Each one will set you back R200. “A small price to pay for salvation.”

The campaign is running all the way to the 22nd of August, but you’ll only be able to get stickers until the 8th. Travis Coppin went on to say, “Our aim with rewards programmes is to offer our customers additional value and to create an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience in our stores. This time around, we wanted to appeal to both young and old – the enthusiast who grew up reading the classic Marvel comic books and the new fans who love the Marvel franchise through the movies. We specifically expect to see some interest from Marvel fans with the release of Marvel Studio’ ‘Black Widow’, hitting cinemas this July.”

In tandem with the rewards program, Food Lover’s Market is also throwing the spotlight on the “Everyday Hero”: The firefighters, the nurses, the passionate teachers. Food Lover’s Market is giving Everyday Heroes a chance to tell their stories on its website, a chance to tell us how they “find their power.” You can find out more on Food Lover’s Market’s official social media outlets.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about the campaign here.


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