Clubhouse announces 50 pilots for audio shows


Clubhouse, possibly in a bid to separate itself further from the plethora of lookalikes it has spawned, has announced 50 upcoming audio shows, the pilot episodes for which will begin airing from the 10th of May. These shows are made by creators on the social media platform, and will be supported by Clubhouse’s Creator First Program.

Clubhouse goes all-in on creator content

The Creator First Program was announced back in March, and describe it as, “a way to help more creators focus on doing what they do best.” The program called for submissions of show ideas from creators on the platform. Clubhouse has now picked which submissions it likes best and will reward the creators they belong to with everything from financial support, equipment and advertising to design services, “concept and creative development with the Clubhouse team” and matching them with interesting guests for their shows. It really is a full-scale production.

After going over “thousands” of submissions, the narrowed-down 50 pilot episodes (proof of concept episodes) will begin airing over the next few weeks. The whole catalogue promises something for everyone, and after looking over the full list of potential shows we’re inclined to believe them. There are game shows, talk shows, news shows, comedy shows, and many more that we’re not sure how to classify. You can check out all of the shows via the link above.

Perhaps “show” is a misnomer, considering the audio-only nature of Clubhouse, but who cares about semantics these days? In any case, it will be interesting to see if the concept of audio shows (which would have to be different to podcasts, right?) takes off and if it’ll be enough to bring Clubhouse’s monthly downloads up again. 


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